Channeling Ramtha

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Channeling Ramtha

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Guest host Rob Simone (email) was joined by Founder and President of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, JZ Knight, for a discussion about her experiences connected with the channeling of a 35,000 year old warrior from the lost continent of Atlantis, called Ramtha. Knight detailed how she first began channeling this being and how that relationship has evolved over the last three decades. She explained that, initially, people misunderstood her experience, thinking she was a medium. To that end, Knight credited Ramtha with creating the term "channeling," in the 1980's, as a way of differentiating what was happening with her, since, when she channels Ramtha, he actually takes over her brain and she leaves her body.

Knight shared a number of predictions and insights which she has learned from Ramtha over the years. One such prediction is that there will be a deep freeze hitting London in 2012. Knight said that when Ramtha originally made this prediction, he promised to "send a runner" to indicate what will happen in the future. Two weeks later, a freak ice storm hit the UK. On a personal level, Knight revealed Ramtha's recent chilling prediction that she will not live to see her next birthday. Rather than expressing fear of this potential impending demise, Knight was content because she has become comfortable in the 'other realm' as a result of her many years of channeling Ramtha. Other insights discussed by Knight were that Jesus had a twin, reptilians reside on Zeta Reticuli, and that the comet Elenin is being trailed by Planet X.

Knight also imparted some steps that people can take to bring enlightenment into their lives. She advised that they first ask themselves if they are "ready for a future." From there, they should write down the statement "I have always lived the future, now." She said that focusing on those words and saying them slowly three times will result in a "jazz energy feeling" in one's head. So powerful is this process, Knight claimed, that "you will see how your life will change in one day." Additionally, she suggested using statements like "I have always been," followed by a specific goal, such as increased intelligence or improved health. Knight contended that using these techniques, over time, would result in dramatic changes in a person's life. "You have nothing to lose, except your past," she marveled.

After The X-Files

In the first hour, actor and artist Dean Haglund talked about his run on The X-Files and his new documentary, The Truth Is Out There. He recalled how, behind the scenes, the perspectives of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson were actually the opposite of their TV characters, in that Anderson was more open to the possibilities of the paranormal and Duchovny was skeptical. Additionally, Haglund noted that many UFO researchers actually lamented the program, because it allowed for authorities to dismiss UFO reports by saying, "eh, you just watch too much X-Files." Regarding his new documentary which explores a number of facets in the realm of the paranormal, Haglund stressed that "we don't make light of these ideas," and, instead, examine "what is truth, and how do you know you found the truth, even though the other person says you are way off from the truth."

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