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In the first half, George Knapp welcomed founding member of the Mutual UFO Network and current MUFON International Director, John Schuessler, for a review of his 40 years researching UFOs. Then, in the latter half, ufologists from OpenMinds.tv, Alejandro Rojas and Antonio Huneeus, discussed international UFO studies and the current state of ufology.

Schuessler traced his interest in UFOs back to his days working as an engineer on the Gemini space program. He explained that he'd overheard astronaut Jim McDivitt tell mission control that he'd seen a UFO while aboard the Gemini 4 craft. A curious Schuessler then began asking questions amongst his fellow engineers, but was rebuffed by his colleagues who warned him against inquiring about the phenomenon. Undeterred, he continued his investigation into UFOs, with the hope that studying them would ultimately allow for radical advancements in human space flight capabilities. "I believe there was a technology involved and I believe that we could do much greater things in space if we would mimic that technology," he surmised.

Reflecting on the evolution of his study into UFOs, Schuessler recalled how "I thought, in the beginning, that I would be able to get answers." However, he said that his perspective changed about 20 years ago and he concluded that "it's not gonna come. It's just too blocked. It's not gonna happen." To that end, while he conceded that "we're not close to answering" questions surrounding the origin or agenda behind UFOs, but the reality behind the phenomenon is certain. "Are they real? Yes. Is it happening? Yes," Schuessler declared. Over the course of his appearance, he also discussed his extensive investigation into the legendary Cash Landrum UFO incident as well as his thoughts on why NASA stopped going to the moon.

Addressing the latest release of UFO files from the UK's Ministry of Defense, Huneeus contended that, rather than outright debunking UFOs, the agency's agenda was to dismiss the phenomenon by saying that it had "no defense significance." However, Rojas noted, former head of the MOD UFO desk, Nick Pope, recently revealed that he downplayed the government's interest in UFOs while also having knowledge of a program that was studying the phenomenon. As such, Rojas surmised that "there are people looking into this and taking it serious ... unfortunately, we don't get to see those files." Huneeus and Rojas also covered the latest developments in Latin American UFO studies as well as their take on last Summer's reports that an unknown craft caused Chinese airports to shut down.

In looking at where UFO research needs to go in the future, Rojas stressed that "we've got to keep reminding people of the great evidence that is out there." By doing this, he said, hopefully the media and academia will, over time, begin to give the subject a fair examination. Should this occur, Rojas said, the necessary funds and expertise would emerge and "then we have a chance to actually figure something out." Having studied UFOs for over 30 years, Huneeus mused that, despite lacking solid proof of the phenomenon's existence, ufology continues its attempting to solve the enigma because "so long as it's a mystery, we have to keep trying."


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