Precognitive Dreams / Open Lines

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Precognitive Dreams / Open Lines

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In the first half of the program, motivational expert David Ruben discussed the phenomenon of precognitive dreams. He called these visions of the future, which ultimately prove accurate, "the most powerful experience a human being can have." Ruben revealed that his interest in the phenomenon arose when he had a precognitive dream and saw the death of one of his children. The experience left him shaken and in tears. Chillingly, the dream "unfolded in reality" three days later. However, Ruben said, since he recognized the events from his dream, he managed to save his child's life and was "able to change the future." He claimed that luminaries such as Abraham Lincoln, George Patton, and Orson Welles all had precognitive dreams shape their lives.

"This is not crazy," he said, "what's crazy is to not pay attention." To that end, Ruben explained that he has created his website, where people can post their precognitive dreams, with the hopes of finding common elements amongst the visions. "As in the days of old," he mused, "potentially, we can avert tragedies and change the world for the better." Regarding dreams where a person sees a loved one falling ill or dying, Ruben contended that, ultimately, the dreamer should share that information with the person seen in the dream. While he warned that it could lead to the subject dwelling on the negative aspects of the dream, Ruben also noted that it may result in the person seeking to improve their life and avoid this potential fate. "I feel that I have a responsibility to be true to myself," he said, "and so I have to tell people what I see."

Open Lines

The latter half of the program was devoted to Open Lines and included a 'Scariest Moment' hotline. Emmy, a truck driver from Iowa, shared her terrifying tale. She recalled hauling containers in Chicago and being warned by the other drivers about a ghost said to lurk in the area. After getting back on the highway, an already tense Emmy drove her truck under an overpass and a shovel fell from above, smashing through her windshield and coming to rest between the steering wheel and dashboard of the vehicle. "I thought I was being shot at," she said, "it scared me out of my skin."

Later in the evening, Rick in Malibu recounted his scariest moment. He explained that, following his high school graduation, he was working for an armed security company. One of the stops on his patrol was a cemetery, where the keys to the gate were kept in the mortician's office. On this particular evening, when he went into the office to get the keys, a body on one of the gurneys jumped up and screamed. Apparently, Rick said, this "body" was one of the people working in the mortician's office who had decided to take a nap. The tense situation could have been tragic, since Rick had drawn his weapon, but, thankfully, cooler heads prevailed and the pair merely exchanged frightened screams. "I'll never forget it as long as I live," he laughed.

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