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Lifelong student and practitioner of various spiritual traditions including the occult, black magic, Hinduism, and voodoo, E.A. Koetting, discussed the use of evocations, and other occult rituals, as well as astral travel. Evocation, he explained, is the art of calling a spirit or entity from another place of existence into our own sensory range. A ritual of evocation, as described in various grimoires (books of ceremonial magick) can take around 15-30 minutes to conduct, and might involve creating a circle around the practitioner such as with cornmeal. Incense is typically burned and during a successful conjuration, a spirit will materialize in the incense smoke, he detailed.

This type of ritual can open a gateway or portal to other worlds or realms, and often multiple spirits come through, he noted. Koetting admitted that he sometimes works with forbidden or demonic entities in order to access hidden knowledge, but added that he seeks to strike a balance between dark and light forces in his occult encounters. Spirit sources have shared with him what they see coming in our future, which includes many changes such as in politics and religion, and that we should "pay attention to the skies."

Koetting also talked about his astral travels where he's experienced what we might consider the afterlife, in which beings become the energetic embodiments of consciousness, and there are dimensions of pure energy. His forthcoming book, Ipsissimus (due out in October) will share his methods for conscious out-of-body travel.


First hour guest, author Bill White talked about the role synchronicity plays in people's lives. Synchronicities can be thought of as meaningful coincidences that communicate in symbolic terms, and build on archetypal and traditional messages, he said. They demonstrate an intelligent design operating in the universe, and can be utilized in a fashion similar to intuition, he added.

News segment guests: Mish Shedlock, Dr. John Abramson


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Occult expert E.A. Koetting (pictured) shares a diagram of a Magick Circle and the Triangle of Manifestation which are used in the practice of evocation.

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