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In the first half, astro-economist Mitchell Scott Lewis, who has accurately predicted major financial events, talked about how he has used astrology to advise Wall Street power brokers and clients all over the world. Lewis said in the 1970s he successfully predicted the price of oil rising from $32 to $100/barrel as Pluto transited through Sagittarius. He claimed to have foretold stock market crashes in advance by noting when Saturn is in opposition to one of the outer planets. "The last time we had Saturn opposed to Uranus was 1965 to '67. It was followed by a 16 year bear market," he revealed.

Lewis blamed the recent market collapse and subsequent change in the distribution of wealth on 'deplanetizing' Pluto—not simply redefining the once planet, but doing away with the things in society that Pluto represents. He warned that the state of the economy could lead to civil unrest and martial law. Lewis spoke about how the Void of Course moon has negatively impacted Barack Obama's presidency (as it did FDR, JFK, Nixon, and Clinton), his book Murder in the 11th House, and how he can diagnose disease with astrology. He also shared his outlook on what to expect in the near future, including the demise of the Euro, additional wars, and nuclear incidents in America.


Open Lines

During Open Lines, Ashley in Riverton, Utah, called the 'weird' line to share a strange experience she had at her cousin's haunted house in California. She recalled awakening one night to find the silhouette of a man wearing a top hat staring down at her. According to Ashley, the ghostly visitor positioned itself to enter her body, but she avoided being possessed by it through the power of her faith. Brook phoned in to report on high strangeness along the eastern coast of the U.S., involving a mysterious hum. He believes massive electrical lines may be the cause in New Hampshire and Vermont, while he blames a defense contractor in Massachusetts and his home in Rhode Island for the annoying phenomenon. Sidney from Wichita, Kansas, told George about her first UFO sighting. The object, which she estimated to be about 2,000 feet above the ground, was rectangular-shaped, silent, and moved unlike a conventional aircraft, Sidney explained. The UFO was witnessed by two other people, she added.

The last half-hour was a tribute to the late Dr. Fred Bell.

News segment guests: Douglas Hagmann / James McCanney


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