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In the first half, Michael Ellsberg, who writes a blog on entrepreneurialism, career development, and education at, looked at flaws in the American education system, and recapped his discussions with self-made millionaires who say that street smarts and practical intelligence will take you farther than traditional academics. Many college graduates now owe large amounts of money on their school loans, but have low paying jobs. In fact, at one trillion dollars, student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt, he pointed out. Vocational schools don't necessarily offer a better option than universities, as the careers they train people for might be obsolete by the time they graduate, he continued.

Ellsberg suggested developing a universal set of skills that will be useful in any economic circumstance. These included learning how to network, and learning how to sell, not only products and services, but your own ideas, and yourself in a job interview. The current education process, with its focus on test scores, grades, and getting into college, ends up not having much meaning, and leads students into a kind of delayed adolescence without real world experiences, typically into their late 20s, he argued. Education is in the process of being massively transformed by technology, "and as that starts happening, the traditional monopolies of education, the selective universities, and on location campuses are going to find themselves facing some very stiff competition from cheaper alternatives through online self-education," he said.


In the 2nd half, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren shared his latest thoughts on what real vampires may be, and their relationship to evil people that leave behind wicked spirits. He recently visited the National Museum of Crime & Punishment in Washington DC, and took photos of serial killer Ted Bundy's car that he used to transport and torture victims. Bundy was known to eat parts of his victims, and said that 'sometimes I feel like a vampire,' and 'murder is about possession.' This led Warren to ponder if people with this kind of appetite might develop some ability to shape-shift.

"As we consume energy, whether we're eating plants or meat...that changes us, we actually all are...vampiric, and we're also all shape-shifting day by day," through what we think of as aging, Warren explained. But if you have people out there like a Ted Bundy, who was actually able to escape a number of times (it was rumored he changed shape to shimmy out of tight spaces), their focus on evil, selfishness, & consumption could make them real life vampires, he continued. "They are bringing into their bodies an enormous amount of energy, and I wonder if this could accelerate this shape-shifting property," Warren said, adding that when someone like Bundy dies he might be enticed to remain earthbound, and with his vampiric tendency could morph into an evil spirit that haunts and possesses people.

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Joshua P. Warren recently purchased this vampire killing kit, hand-made by an exorcist in Michigan. This kit is now in Warren's Free Museum in Asheville, NC. Warren is traveling to explore the real Dracula's Castle in Transylvania, and you can join him! More info here.

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