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In the first half, the author of almost 50 books on folklore and history, Bob Curran, talked about his newest work, The World's Creepiest Places, in which he explores various sites around the world that evoke creepy feelings in the people who visit them. The village of Warleggan is home to an ancient church where the eerie presence of one of the last rectors, an eccentric clergyman named Densham, still hangs like a massive shadow over the place, Curran reported. He admitted to feeling chills whenever he talked about the place. At another location, Leap Castle in County Ollafy, Ireland, Curran said his wife felt a ghastly presence and refused to enter. Some visitors there claim to have seen a small, deformed, foul-smelling man at the base of a stairwell, he noted.

Several places around the world are supposed Gateways to Hell, including a cemetery in Stull, Kansas, that the Pope refused to fly over during a visit to America, and Houska Castle in the Czech Republic, Curran continued. Houska Castle was purportedly constructed over "a great crack which stretches all the way down to Hell, and from time to time things come up from there," he explained. When the castle was being built, a young man was sent to explore the depths of the crack; he returned severely aged with stories of 'moving shadows,' Curran added. A family crypt in Barbados is yet another creepy location. According to Curran, coffins in the sealed tomb are discovered to have been rearranged whenever it is open to bury another family member. He also talked about Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in Chicago, where the ghost of a beautiful woman is said to roam.


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During Open Lines, a trucker named Andy shared a creepy story about some property a friend had purchased in Pennsylvania. The property included an old two-story farmhouse that appeared to have been inexplicably abandoned, as dishes were still in the sink and food in the refrigerator, he said. A female friend, Amy, who had initially refused to enter the house was repeatedly struck by the front door, Andy revealed. Stranger still, lights went on in the living room even though there was no electrical service to the house, he added. Tim in West Babylon described dream trips his soul took to Hell and back. According to Tim, the place had no fire but rather a blackness that could be sensed. He recalled feeling legions of other souls, their hatred, regret and longing to feel love again. He credits the experience with putting him on the path of faith in God. Tom from Gillette, Wyoming, reported on some of the strange happenings he has encountered in several of his residences. In one house, Tom said he heard mysterious footsteps in the hallway. At another, he claimed to have seen a 7- to 8-ft tall spirit zoom across the room.

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