GMO Crops / Bigfoot Footage

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GMO Crops / Bigfoot Footage

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In the first half of our Thanksgiving show, fourth generation Texas farmer, Eric Herm, discussed how the turkey you just ate was probably fed with GMO (genetically modified) corn, and how the emergence of 'frankenfarming' is poisoning delicate ecosystems. He planted some GMO seeds back in 2005-6, but after he noted numerous warning labels on the packages, he began to investigate, and found that the seeds have genes of a pesticide and herbicide in their make up, as well as antibodies, and this is going into the food we eat. In studies with mice that were fed GMO foods, they suffered from spleen damage, liver atrophy, smaller organ growth, and accelerated aging, and for the last 15 years, humans have become guinea pigs in their unwitting consumption of these crops, he said.

GMO seeds sold and patented by Monsanto cost $400 a bag, and the company rakes in billions of dollars from their sales, he reported. Four major commodities crops in the US-- corn, cotton, canola, and soybean are now 90% GMO, and alfalfa was recently deregulated, he noted. To get back to healthier foods, the future lies in small organic farms, Herm commented, adding that organic fertilizers outproduced chemical agriculture. GMO seeds don't produce more than conventional seeds, and in a 30-year study, it was found that organic farming outperformed chemical agriculture, he detailed.


In the second half, Bigfoot expert Jeff Hilling discussed the enigmatic Patterson/Gimlin 16mm film and why after four decades he is not so quick to dismiss it as an elaborate hoax. In 1967, Bob Gimlin and Roger Patterson set out to make a documentary about the American 'Abominable Snowman,' and the sensational film footage they captured help to launch the whole subculture of Bigfoot, he said. Back in that time period, special effects were much harder to create than in our digital era, and if the creature in the film is actually a man wearing a monkey suit, it was unlike anything available either then or now, Hilling suggested.

Particularly noteworthy are the muscle and breast movement details, as well as the odd arm lengths that couldn't be replicated in a costume, he continued, adding that the film was shown to a Hollywood special effects team in the 1960s, and they said it couldn't be reproduced, or if they could it would cost a couple million dollars. But in recent years, a costume designer named Phillip Morris said he created the suit for Patterson, and it was worn by Bob Heironimus (video clip). Hilling responded that the costume Morris produced doesn't closely resemble the one seen in the Patterson film, and that Harris has changed his story over the years. On the Coast Facebook page, we conducted a poll as to whether people believe the footage is real or fake. Vote and view the results here.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, Douglas Hagmann


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Bigfoot historian Jeff Hilling has studied the controversial 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film which showed a hairy bipedal female creature striding in Bluff Creek (view the M.K. Davis stabilized version).

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