Billy Meier's ET Info

Billy Meier's ET Info


HostJohn B. Wells

GuestsMichael Horn, Craig Hulet

John B. Wells (email) welcomed American media representative for ET contactee Billy Meier, Michael Horn, who shared Meier's tale of alleged contacts, as well as his prophecies based on information given to him by the benevolent Plejaren beings. Meier, who began having ET encounters as a young boy, is now approaching his 70th year of the contacts, which are totally voluntary, as well as being mostly physical (rather than telepathic), Horn explained. Since the 1950s, Meier has been publishing information given to him by the Plejarens that covers scientific, environmental, and global topics. And since 1975, Meier has been transcribing all of his conversations with the ETs, Horn continued, adding that the material is in German, some of which has never been translated into English.

According to Horn, much of what Meier wrote has proved to be prophetic (though critics accuse Meier of backdating his files), or uncannily accurate such as his descriptions of Jupiter's moon Io, which he said was the most volcanic body in the solar system, and contained encrusted ice (later confirmed by Voyager reports). Among his predictions of what is yet to come, in his 1987 prophecies, Meier wrote of Russia attacking several Scandinavian countries, as well as Iran, Turkey, and Alaska. He also wrote of a war between India and China, as well as a Civil War coming to the US, which will result in the division of the country into five different territories.

Meier claims the he is the only authentic ET contactee, and that he's a reincarnation of previous prophets like Enoch, as well as Jesus (whom he refers to as Jmmanuel). Most UFO sightings and abductions are actually covert military psy-ops, Meier has indicated, and aside from the Meier material, there isn't credible evidence for UFOs and alien encounters, Horn suggested. Interestingly, the Plejarens have told Meier that there are billions of other universes, and that they've traveled to two of them. One is a parallel universe to ours, and the second they were just recently able to penetrate.

Current Events Commentary

First hour guest, geopolitical analyst Craig B. Hulet discussed the possible passage of the Defense Authorization Act, which would place domestic terror investigations into the hands of the military. Because the bill's language is so vague, American citizens could be picked up under these new guidelines and imprisoned without trial, he warned. Hulet also commented on the Occupy Wall St. movement, which he criticized for being co-opted by various left-wing luminaries.




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