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Self-Transformation & Development

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Self-help author William Whitecloud spoke about his book, The Magician's Way, in which he presents secrets to creating a wonder-filled magical life through inner 'alchemical' transformation. Whitecloud revealed that he had suffered from a mysterious long-term illness which caused a drastic decline in his physical and mental health. He said his condition got so bad that he needed to carry a note with his name and address, in case he forgot who he was and where he lived. After a decade of continued deterioration, Whitecloud recalled the day he met a man who claimed to know what was wrong with him. The cure he proposed included eating red meat, drinking coffee and wine, and smoking cigarettes, as well as a daily walk, he explained. Whitecloud noted that he bounced back almost immediately from what he ultimately learned was an 'illness of spirit'.

According to Whitecloud, we all have a natural ability that is perfectly capable of taking care of us in every sense. However, this inherent capacity is suppressed by strict notions of how things work, he warned. "Your reality is created by your focus," he said. Focusing on the process too strongly sends a subconscious message that the power to change one's life is external, Whitecloud explained, noting that this is a false orientation based on societal conditioning. Whitecloud encouraged listeners to engage their creative spirits by asking what it is they want in life and allowing that end result to exist. Do not talk yourself out of it or worry about how it will happen, he cautioned. Acknowledging what you really want in life, without fear or dismissal, will encourage and compel you to advance down the path of your power, Whitecloud imparted.

Space Launch System Update

In the first hour, multi-disciplinary scientist Howard Bloom commented on the proposed Space Launch System (SLS), and the future of the U.S. space program. Bloom referred to the SLS as the Pork in Space System, noting it is sponsored by a senatorial 'cabal of porkanauts' to save jobs in their home states. It's a rocket that no one can afford to fly, he argued, estimating the launch cost at approximately $10,000-$26,000 a pound. SpaceX, a private space transport company, can put payload into space for 1/30th the cost, Bloom continued. He referenced Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser flight test vehicle as another inexpensive alternative to the SLS. According to Bloom, the new budget, which includes funding for the SLS, would cut resources to NASA's Commercial Crew and Cargo Program—the fund that supports private companies (like SpaceX and Sierra Nevada) in their quest to develop space transportation solutions. He also lamented the death of the U.S. Mars program and the fact that America no longer has any vehicle capable of taking American astronauts into space.

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