'Devil's Toy Box'/ Giza Secrets

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'Devil's Toy Box'/ Giza Secrets

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In the second half of the show, author & researcher Joshua P. Warren talked about the "Devil's Toy Box," and some of his other investigations into the paranormal. He created and tested out a Devil's Toy Box, a set of square mirrors that form a cube, which can become a focal point for energies reflected into itself. Warren recorded audio from inside the box using a suction cup microphone, and static, thumping sounds, and muffled voices were heard (and played on the show), even though there was silence in the room when he made the recording. He also held the Devil's Toy Box up to Raymond Moody's psychomanteum mirror, and a buzzing, hissing sound emerged which suggested to him that certain objects have an energy field around them that the Toy Box is sensitive to.

"Mirrors occupy a very special place, because they send back to you what you're putting out," Warren noted, and when you set up a space where energy is projected back onto itself, it creates "its own separate little universe," that may open contact with other dimensions. He also discussed his investigation into the anomalous Brown Mountain Lights, and one witness, Tommy Hunter, who in 1982, actually touched one of the balls of lights, and received a shock.


Appearing during the second hour, engineer Scott Creighton who's explored many of the world's ancient sites and hosts the Alternative Egyptology forum on AboveTopSecret.com, joined with researcher Gary Osborn, to share their contention that the pyramids of Giza were not created to be tombs, but "recovery vaults" acting as storehouses for tools, seeds, art and sacred texts. It doesn't make sense that the massive pyramids would be built for the tomb of one person, and there is evidence that there was a preconceived plan for the structures at Giza based on the location of stars in the Orion constellation, said Creighton. The two also spoke about Freemasonry architecture which references the angle of the keystone on the Great Pyramid.

Science of Success

First hour guest, social psychologist Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson talked about the science of success. One of the biggest misconceptions about success is that it's based mainly on innate ability, when really it has more to do with actions that we do or do not take, she explained. Having specific goals, and seizing opportunities are two commonalities among successful people. She suggested that instead of creating just a "to-do list," a person make a "to-do, & when & where list," so that tasks can be accomplished at specific times and places, which increases success rates.

News segment guests: Jonathan Emord, Capt. Kelly Sweeney

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