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John B. Wells was joined by filmmakers Foster & Kimberly Gamble, who discussed Thrive, their unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's really going on in our world and how it connects free energy, UFOs, and the global elite. Foster explained how their research revealed that the energy pattern known as a torus can be found in various "healthy systems" throughout the universe. It is also depicted in ancient cave drawings, modern crop circles, and in reports from ET contactees, leading the duo to surmise that visitors to Earth are trying to impart the knowledge of this energy pattern to the human race. According to them, the principals of the torus pattern can be used to create free energy, which has been discovered many times by enterprising inventors. "That's the great news," Foster said, "the bad news is that every one of those laboratories has been raided."

Behind the suppression of the free energy devices, they said, are the powerful elite who control the world's economy. To that end, they depicted the power structure of the planet as a pyramid with the general population at the very bottom and a select group of families at the top. These families gained their power centuries ago when they created the fiat money system as a means of consolidating power. "They've kept this scam under wraps for about 400 years," Foster said, but noted that the world's population is now beginning to understand how they have been duped into relinquishing their sovereignty. As such, Kimberly observed that the growing knowledge of the world's underhanded financial system gives tremendous leverage for the human race.

"All of the mechanisms by which the control and domination are happening," she said, "depends on our participation." Along those lines, the pair suggested that non-violent, non-participation in the financial system and the increasing globalization of the planet could lead to the breakthrough needed to develop a world that is "run on integrity and freedom rather than corruption." In light of their contacts in the free energy research community, the duo also suggested that the suppression of such technologies may be coming to an end, regardless of interests of the elite. According to Foster, the emergence of a free energy device is likely imminent and that "it can't be stopped much longer."

Andrew Breitbart Death

In the first hour, radio host Alex Jones talked about the death of Andrew Breitbart. He was suspicious of the circumstances surrounding the conservative blogger's demise, since it fell on the very day that Breitbart had previously announced plans to release damning videos of Barack Obama. Additionally, Jones contended that the swift media reports claiming that Breitbart died of "natural causes," despite subsequent news releases saying it would take weeks before that could be determined, was "a big sign that this was some type of staged event." While he was hopeful that Breitbart's death was not the result of a nefarious plot, Jones declared that "we would be fools" not to consider the quizzical timing of the journalist's passing.


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