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In the first half, theoretical physicist, author, and popularizer of science, Dr. Michio Kaku, talked about some of the startling changes we'll see in 10-30 years, based on technological advances. For instance, computer chips will cost a penny, and the Internet will be in your glasses or contact lenses. "You'll blink and basically you'll go online. And when you see your friends, you'll see their face, and their biography will emerge next to their face, and if they speak Chinese to you...your contact lens will translate into English," he detailed. We'll also have driverless cars, which he foresees will save thousands of lives.

We're already seeing amazing medical advances take shape, such as the ability to grow new organs from our cells. This means people won't die because of organ failure anymore, he declared. Further, we'll see MRI devices the size of a cell phone that will function like the tricorder depicted in Star Trek, as well as animations of doctors that can be called up at home to answer 99% of our medical questions, he continued. Superior cancer treatments using nanoparticles will replace chemotherapy, he added. Dr. Kaku also talked about parallel universes, and multiverses, and how experiments with the Hadron Collider may prove the validity of String Theory.


In the latter half, UFO researcher Grant Cameron discussed UFO secrecy and interest amongst US presidents and various politicians. He recently posted the UFO files of Senator Barry Goldwater, who had a long standing fascination with the subject. Goldwater, who at one time was the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, knew pilots who'd personally seen UFOs, and his documents show he attempted to gain access to the "blue room" of Wright Patterson AFB that Gen. Curtis Lemay told him about, Cameron reported. The "blue room" was rumored to possibly contain alien bodies and hardware.

Cameron has concluded that UFO secrecy has to do with military technology-- countries don't want to share advancements they've gleaned from UFOs because it takes them so long to develop it. Further, most of government, possibly including presidents, are unaware of UFO secrets, because they are "deep black" projects, without paper trails, he suggested. Interestingly, mental phenomena/consciousness may turn out to be a key aspect of the whole UFO mystery, and the alien presence may be asserting control over our thought processes, he further theorized.

News segment guests: Christian Wilde, Richard C. Hoagland


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