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Martial Law / Wizardry & Strange Creatures

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In the first half, radio host Alex Jones reacted to an executive order-- National Defense Resources Preparedness, which was signed by Pres. Obama on Friday. The order, which went unchallenged, "hands the entire economy over to the executives, it allows the public to be put into work brigades, and allows public lands to be sold off," said Jones, adding that it expands wartime emergency conditions into peacetime, and can be used under whatever circumstances the govt. considers an emergency. Combined with the NDAA, what we're really seeing is the start of martial law in America, he warned.

"The tyrants that wish to seize the United States and use it as an engine of global domination, as the workhorse of private corporate world government are doing everything they can to condition us and train us to accept the opposite of a free republic," Jones commented. There is increased spying and surveillance of the public by a technocracy that fears justice and abhors due process, he continued. For more, see Jones' video interview on the topic.


In the latter half, practicing wizard Oberon Zell shared his unique knowledge of the occult, including a compendium of cryptozoological and mythical creatures. He considers magic to be a kind of "probability enhancement," as we are always on the cusp of different possibilities in our lives. For instance, a person could conduct a spell/ritual to attain a certain goal by creating an altar depicting the scene of what they want, write down their goal on a piece of paper, and then burn the paper in the flame of an appropriate candle, he detailed.

Regarding real and mythical creatures, Zell spoke of the unicorns he developed, as well as his mermaid expedition to New Guinea in 1985, where he discovered the legends were probably based on a marine mammal called the dugong which has breasts similar to human females. He also hypothesized that creatures that were able to belch methane may have been behind the cross-cultural tales of dragons, and that Nessie could be an unidentified gigantic aquatic slug.

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