Project HAARP & Mind Effects

Project HAARP & Mind Effects


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsNick Begich, Jay Weidner

Lecturer and author Dr. Nick Begich discussed Project HAARP, and whether it's capable of affecting the climate or causing earthquakes, as well as updates on mind control and brain altering/enhancing technologies. "Mind effects are one of the most fertile grounds for military planners. It is one of the biggest areas of research in terms of trying to figure out, manipulate, mold, shape, and form the mind," he noted. While DARPA serves as the lead, almost every branch of the US military explores this kind of technology, he continued.

"Electronic telepathy is just a synthetic version of what is the natural radio of human beings, if you will...each of us is a transceiver and a transducer, we're picking up energy, we're transferring energy," and that's why telepathy, energy medicine, and higher human capacities are all associated with changes in energy states, Begich commented. But, a mental background of fear and anxiety will prevent people from experiencing higher states of consciousness, he pointed out.

HAARP is an array of antennas in Alaska, and by firing radio frequencies through them, a number of effects can be created such as altering the ionosphere. Begich reported that the secretive program is still active, contrary to rumors that it had closed down. It's possible HAARP technology could be used for manipulation of weather for control of a battlefield, creating what appears to be natural disasters, as well as earthquake generation using a small amount of energy to trigger a much larger reaction, he detailed. The earth-penetrating tomography function of HAARP uses a pulse rate that correlates to the rhythms of the human brain, which suggests that mind control/influence could be done over a large area through the atmosphere, he added.

Kubrick Enigmas

First hour guest, author and filmmaker Jay Weidner discussed the enigmatic films of Stanley Kubrick, and how the late director may have been involved with faking the moon landings. The director perfected a technique called Front Screen Projection, which enabled him to create the sense of a vast desert in 2001: A Space Odyssey while shooting on a sound stage. Some of the Apollo footage has the same "fingerprints" of this technique, Weidner commented. He believes that the Apollo missions did go to the Moon, but NASA sought to use some staged footage in order to keep their advanced technology secret. Further, Weidner suggested that 2001 was a film about alchemy, and the black monolith represented the philosopher's stone.

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