Unexplained Booms, Bee Collapse, & Ancient Structures

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Unexplained Booms, Bee Collapse, & Ancient Structures

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Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe's first segment dealt with the bizarre and still-unexplained metallic, jolting booms that have persisted into April 2012, including in three geographic locations from central Ohio to Tacoma, Washington, to San Diego County, California - all within a 24-hour period. In all three cases, there was no military confirmation of sound-barrier-breaking aircraft and no USGS evidence of seismic events. She interviewed several of the San Diego and Washington "earwitnesses." One in Lacey, Washington described the sound being like a metallic collision of railroad cars followed by rumbling. Linda also reported on another boom mystery which took place in England around the same time period that was associated with a jet and a UFO. Further details.

Linda's next two reports chronicled the attempts to ban use of the nicotine-based pesticide Clothianidin, because of increasing scientific evidence that it's toxic to honey bees and other pollinators, and associated with Colony Collapse Disorder. At the end of March, commercial beekeepers and environmental organizations filed a legal petition asking the Environmental Protection Agency to ban use of the pesticide. Jay Feldman of Beyond Pesticides discussed the petition, and pointed to the powerful chemical companies having a vested interest in keeping the products on the market, even though evidence shows they're harmful. She also interviewed beekeeper Tom Theobald, who lamented that because of this issue, beekeeping was on the verge of dying out in America. Further info. She spoke with Purdue University entomologist Christian Krupke, who has published recent evidence that there are unprecedented levels of clothianidin in the air and soil from millions of corn seed acres planted with clothianidin coated on virtually every seed in the United States now. More.

There is a massive 6,000-year-old underground stone structure on the island of Malta known as the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum. Recent research suggests that the Malta structure was made specifically to vibrate with certain frequencies that alter human brain functions of those within earshot. She interviewed Linda Eneix, the founder of Old Temple Study Foundation, who visited the Hypogeum, and described seeing a niche carved in the Oracle Chamber that seemed to be a deliberate amplification channel for throwing sound. Other research at New Grange in the U.K. and in Peru hypothesize stone structures there were also made to emit certain frequencies to affect human listeners. More.

Project Camelot

First half-hour guest, Kerry Cassidy talked about her involvement with Project Camelot, in which she teamed up with Bill Ryan to conduct video interviews with whistle blowers, particularly associated with the ET/UFO topic. She described her guerrilla filmmaking style, catching guests off guard to elicit interesting responses, and cited some of her most important interviews such as with 'Henry Deacon', a Livermore physicist involved in Black projects.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Dr. Robin Falkov

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