Coming Cataclysms

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Coming Cataclysms

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Author and publisher Marshall Masters specializes in Planet X and 2012 research. He discussed a specific crop circle, seen in Avebury Manor, UK in 2008 that depicts the planets in our solar system in the position they'll be in on December 21, 2012. According to his decoding of the crop formation's message, "we're going to see what appears to be a second sun in the sky...and there's going to be a horrific solar storm, somewhat similar to the one portrayed in the movie Knowing, and it's going to be devastating for us," he warned. Masters believes ETs have sent this message via a crop circle in order to circumvent government suppression of the dire information.

The depiction in the Avebury crop circle indicates an incoming object in our solar system in Dec. 2012, arriving on a steep elliptical orbit, and a solar eruption extending as far out as Venus, he continued. Solar events will be even more damaging in 2013, and the grid will likely go down, leaving millions of Americans without power for many months, and even longer for the Third World nations, Masters continued. During the worse solar storms, the populace should be prepared to go underground, but in lieu of that, people should note where cell phone reception is weakest or non-existent, as these will be safer spots to be when the storm hits, he commented.

Masters also related Edgar Cayce's pole shift prediction, Ed Dames' remote viewed Solar Killshot, and other prophecies to the Avebury message, and believes we're already seeing advance signs, such as increased earthquakes, of the coming global cataclysm. He has made available, his video, Two Suns in the Sky, for free viewing.

History of the Occult

First hour guest, author and editor Mitch Horowitz talked about the history of the occult. People started using the term occult (which comes from the Latin for secret or hidden) in the Renaissance in the 1500s, and it was a way for them to describe the spirituality of the bygone world such as practiced in ancient Greece and Egypt. It was also a path to seek truth through such things as divination, prophecy, astrology, and alchemy, he noted. Horowitz discussed the spiritualism movement of the 19th century, as well as the Ouija Board (view related video), which got its start in that era.

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