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Negative & Demonic Spirits

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Practicing exorcist and professional psychic, Jeffrey Seelman, discussed his research on evil spirits, how they manifest destructive forces, and what it takes to purge them. He lamented that attacks by these dark forces are on the rise, since they prey on people who exude negative energy, which has increased due to the myriad of problems facing our society. "This is the time for them to attack," he warned, "and really make an impression on the human race." These attacks, he said, happen when a victim's own negativity is amplified by the overpowering rage and anger possessed by the evil spirits, resulting in a person becoming compelled to commit terrible acts like hitting their spouse or going on a murderous rampage at their workplace.

Seelman detailed how there are actually two types of evil spirits: negative and demonic. The negative spirits, he said, are simply depraved people who have died and continue to be devoted to nefarious deeds. Demonic spirits, on the other hand, are "evil angels" that act as proverbial mentors to their 'negative' underlings and teach them the ways to manipulate humans. According to him, both types of spirits exist in a non-physical realm and possess troubling abilities such as the ability to read a person's mind and travel great distances with ease. Contrary to their portrayal in the media, Seelman contended that evil spirits do not actually have names and are "known by their vibrations."

He also shared a number of insights on how to contend with these evil spirits. Seelman revealed that locations can also possess negative energy left behind by past occupants and that lingering force can act as a "nesting ground" for evil spirit to take root. As such, he advocated burning sage to disrupt the negative energy of a place and act as a "clearing agent." Beyond that, Seelman claimed that certain 'devices' can be used to ward off evil spirits, such as a "mirror shield" which repels negative energy and a sword made of non-physical energy which can break up the dark aura of demonic forces. Defeating these evil entities is fundamentally dependent upon humans, he said, since angels choose not to intervene because they want us to learn from the experience and figure out how to protect ourselves.

Fighting Cancer

In the first hour, researcher Dr. Linda Malkas, from the City of Hope cancer research center, discussed the latest developments in fighting the disease. She observed that, in recent years, it has been discovered that there are a thousand cancer cell genes rather that simply one, thus eliminating the search for a "magic bullet" cure. Additionally, she said that scientists now realize that finding a cure requires both an understanding the molecular signature of the cancer as well as the genetic makeup of the person with the disease, likening it to a combination lock for each individual. Currently, she said, the "great hope" is to find chemical compounds which will only attack cancer cells and ignore their non-cancerous counterparts. Malkas expressed great optimism that such a development is "not decades away anymore."

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