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Destiny & Intention/ Shamanism & Healing

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Marie D. Jones, Lynn V. Andrews

In the first half, author Marie D. Jones talked about her research into destiny and intention, fate and free will-- concepts which have been debated for millennia. Destiny is the idea that many events in our life have been predetermined, "possibly by us before we incarnated into this existence, or maybe by a higher power," she explained. The idea of fate is a more fixed notion-- "if you are fated to do something, it will happen, if you are fated to die at a certain time, it will happen," she continued. There is evidence that both destiny and choice interplay throughout a person's life, and a lot of the morality of humankind is based upon the choices we make, she noted.

People are often miserable or unhappy when they're not living the life they wanted to live, and instead play out their parents' or spouses' idea of what their life should be, Jones commented. Instead, they could align themselves with what feels good, and moves them forward on the path, she advised. Questioning what you would do with your life if you didn't have to earn a living, is a good self-discovery exercise, she added. The Law of Attraction suggests that intention and focus can bring about goals, but there are limits to what can be accomplished within the built-in infrastructure of existence. "When we're aligned with what the universal consciousness wants for us, we're going to achieve our destiny," she concluded.


In the latter half, author and teacher Lynn Andrews talked about her development as a shaman, her quest of spiritual discovery, and her healing work. She described herself as an "urban shaman" who has learned to choreograph the energies of the universe. People try to hide or cover-up their flaws, and as a result never feel loved for who they are, and they are often wounded from some type of abuse, she said, adding that they can benefit from "the kind of shamanic work that I do, which is healing the mind and the heart." She works with energy fields or frequency, sometimes incorporating meditation or visualization, to bring people into a more life-affirming place.

Andrews has learned from shamans from all around the world, and said some people are more naturally in tune with their teachings. They can understand what the World Tree or Tree of Life really means-- "they can feel the sap, they can feel the branches, they know how to get inside that tree and be led up towards the top," giving up their mental blocks as they progress, she outlined. Discussing the meaning of 2012, she suggested that we're shape-shifting out of an old paradigm to a new one that is a place of joy and much higher understanding.

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