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Healing Intention Experiments

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Science and spirituality expert Lynne McTaggart discussed her new blueprint for how to fix our falling down world, and her past healing intention experiments, as well as presented a historic Heal America Intention Experiment during the live broadcast. We've created a world that doesn't work anymore, and "we have to consciously do things to change that world," without relying on the people/politicians in charge, she stated. By banding together in small groups, in a spirit of cooperation rather than competition, we can start changing lives, she continued. Interestingly, she's found that small groups of 8-12 that practiced healing intention together, effected positive health changes for participants. Additionally, small groups are more effective than someone acting alone, and just as effective as a larger group, she detailed.

So far, McTaggart has done 24 scientific intention experiments, such as peace intentions in Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan, and all but four of them showed positive results, she reported. As to the mechanism behind the experiments, she noted that consciousness seems to be an actual substance that can change physical matter. Further, our thoughts may be like biophotons or light particles that we transmit; when they are connected with other synchronous minds they can become supercharged, she theorized. Roger Nelson of the Global Consciousness Project joined in for a segment. The Project continuously collects data from a network of random number generators, and his findings have led him to conclude that large scale group consciousness can have effects in the physical world.

In the last hour, McTaggart conducted her experiment, which focused on Washington, DC-- particularly the eastern part of the city. The goal was to reduce all violence by 10% in crime-plagued neighborhoods, as well as to unite the US Congress and Senate in restoring a divided America, in a spirit of peace and cooperation that bypasses partisan dissension. Over an instrumental soundtrack by Jonathan Goldman, she presented her visualization that included flying past various DC monuments. It will take a couple of months to study the results of the experiment, and see if there've been documentable changes, though people who participate in such intention experiments may feel positive personal effects themselves, she shared. View related video clip.

News segment guests: Marc Zicree, Mish Shedlock, Steve Kates


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