MERLIN Project / Prophecy & Hidden Agendas

MERLIN Project / Prophecy & Hidden Agendas


HostJohn B. Wells

GuestsPaul Guercio, Stan Johnson

In the first two hours, John B. Wells welcomed futurist Paul Guercio for an update on the MERLIN Project, a time-pattern forecasting technology he developed with Dr. George Hart. Guercio announced a new consumer product that utilizes the MERLIN forecasting software to determine the ideal period in which to sell real estate. The success rate is better than seven out of ten, even in areas where property is not moving, he said. A forthcoming MERLIN smartphone app that provides relationship timetraks is also in the works, he noted. Guercio reviewed several MERLIN timetraks (see links below) and explained what they may be predicting for the future.

There is no need to worry about the world ending in December 2012. "The end of the Mayan Calendar is going to be about as interesting as Y2K," Guercio surmised. Economic difficulties will persist in the U.S., with continued fallout from the '08 financial collapse and threat of a double dip recession, he warned. Regarding the upcoming presidential election, Guercio predicted Obama will likely (70% chance) beat any other candidates, though his life may be at risk next term. Obamacare will survive, he added. On the world stage, Guercio expects a re-establishment of the former Soviet Union under Vladimir Putin, Egypt's military to slowly relinquish power to the Muslim Brotherhood, and Pope Benedict XVI to possibly die (50/50 chance) this year. MERLIN timetraks also indicate an end to the era of major terrorist attacks, such as 9-11, he noted.


In the latter half, radio host and pastor Stan Johnson discussed prophecy for the United States and why he believes CERN has a hidden agenda to open a wormhole to other dimensions. "Something bad is coming," Johnson said, "I think everybody in America senses it." Johnson shared his contention that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN may be causing the strange sounds reported in the skies all over the world, as well as recent natural disasters. He expressed doubt for CERN's stated agenda of finding the elusive Higgs boson particle. The LHC could create a black hole capable of destroying the planet, or possibly open a door to another world, Johnson continued. Adherents of Christianity and Islam believe something strange (large locusts, the beast, etc.) will rise from a crack in the earth, and the LHC may be the mechanism through which this happens, he explained.

According to Johnson, the United States' days are numbered, as the country has been marked by God for punishment. It will begin with an internal revolution, followed by an attack from the combined forces of Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Central America, and Mexico, Johnson explained. American will be defeated in one hour, he added. Johnson foresees a time when Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Iran, work together as an Islamic super-power to launch World War III against Israel. Israel will ultimately prevail, he noted. A world government will eventually be established, with Russia at its head, Johnson predicted. He also talked about aliens from a biblical perspective, identifying them as the 'sons of God' mentioned in scripture; a forthcoming 'mark of the beast' injection that will repair DNA and heal disease; and the end of the elected presidency, with Obama being the last to hold the office.


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