Psychic Cop

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Date Host John B. Wells
Guests Chuck Bergman

Filling in for George Noory, John B. Wells was joined for the entire program by retired police officer and psychic medium Chuck Bergman, who discussed how his psychic abilities have enabled him to solve crimes and help people. Bergman recalled his first brush with spirit communications at age six, when as he tried unsuccessfully to pin a homemade police badge on himself a voice in his head proclaimed, "Chuck, one day you'll wear a real badge." He said that particular voice has spoken to him only four to five times, usually at a period when he needed a certain piece of information, such as notifying him that he would be known as the 'Psychic Cop.' Those in spirit continually reach out but most people excuse the communication as merely inner thoughts or dreams, Bergman explained. Unlike the average person, police officers tend to develop a sense through trial and error that pays attention to these feelings and voices, he noted.

Bergman spoke about his own experience at a psychic reading, where the medium stunned him when she made contact with his mother and told him how she liked hearing her British accent — a fact the medium could not have known, he insisted. Bergman recounted the time he was in new police station, and saw large hoop earrings appear on an officer with whom he was conversing. He said the man had recently lost his mother and kicked his son out of the house for getting a tattoo and his ears pierced. This apparently was the mother's way of communicating disapproval for her son's actions, he suggested. Bergman shared another of his readings, this one given to a female officer who wanted to know if she and her husband would ever have children. The woman's father appeared holding two baby boys in his arms, he revealed, adding that nine months later both she and her sister gave birth to sons.

Bergman explained how his psychic abilities have aided him in crime solving. According to Bergman, he could walk past a room of suspects and instantly pick up on the one who would ultimately be charged with a crime. He reported on a high profile missing persons case in California that he helped solve over the phone. Bergman remembered receiving numerous validating signs from the missing boy — a sure sign he had died, he noted. Bergman said he was shown a green pickup truck with a trip mileage gauge reading 159 miles as well as given the direction 020 degrees. Police followed that exact bearing from the parents house and found the truck and the son's body approximately 159 miles away, he disclosed. Bergman also recommended listeners pay closer attention to their own dreams and how they talk to themselves during the day as the "subconscious [does] consciously speak to us."



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