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CIA & Roswell

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In the middle two hours, former CIA agent Chase Brandon discussed his work at the secretive agency, as well as his claims of viewing a box that contained materials about the Roswell crash. The CIA operates in a highly compartmentalized need-to-know basis, so often agents aren't briefed or aware of others' missions. Though in a sense, CIA agents are trained to lie and steal for the American govt., it was his belief that the organization was not involved in the JFK assassination or other events/conspiracies that brought about deliberate harm to the United States, such as 9-11.

Brandon said he encountered a box labeled "Roswell" at the Historical Intelligence Collection, which is part of the CIA's research library. The box contained materials such as photographs and documents (not alien artifacts or body parts), and while he would not specifically describe the content, he said what he viewed confirmed to him his previous belief that Roswell had been a genuine UFO crash. The material, however, was not evidence that the CIA was involved in a cover-up, he added. For more on Brandon, check out a recap of his appearance on the 6/23/12 show.

Shape-Up America Week 2

Tipping the scales at over 450 pounds, Gregg McBride managed to lose 250 pounds and keep it off. In the first hour, Gregg kicked off week 2 of George Noory's Shape Up America Campaign with tips and encouragement to help the overweight face the changes needed to begin a long-term weight loss project. Rather than denying yourself specific foods, portion control is important, and people might benefit from measuring out their food when they are first getting started, he said. Drinking lots of water helps detox, and having a big glass of it a half-hour before a meal can reduce the appetite, he continued. Taking daily walks, and eliminating calories from liquids such as soda and juice were among his other tips.

Wales UFO Cases

Last hour guest, author and ufologist Lionel Fanthorpe commented on the release of the Wales UFO files (see article below). One of the most noteworthy sightings covered in the released material concerned a 2005 incident near Rhossili Bay, in which a ghostly craft that resembled a prototype of the German WWII Luftwaffe jet was seen. He conjectured that this incident might represent a kind of time slip/time glitch, where different time strands cross each other. Also contained in the Wales files, were reports about the Dyfed Triangle case which involved sightings of craft, and a silver alien shape.

News segment guests: Mitch Battros, Lauren Weinstein, Steve Shenk, Jerome Corsi

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