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Fortean reseacher Nick Redfern discussed how and why government agencies have, for decades, taken a clandestine and profound interest in numerous archaeological, historical, and religious mysteries. He stressed that government research into ancient mysteries is not a purely scientific endeavor. On the contrary, Redfern said, such investigations appear to be aimed at determining if ancient people had advanced technology and, if so, how to weaponize it. He also surmised that, should such discoveries be made, they would be kept secret to avoid opening "potentially problematic doors to the past." Over the course of the evening, he detailed the government's secret research into Noah's Ark and pyramids as well as esoteric anomalies like the Face on Mars and ancient Indian texts depicting nuclear war.

Redfern traced the U.S. government's interest in ancient mysteries back to 1947, when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered and drew the attention of the CIA. He explained that, a few months following the discovery, a mysterious Egyptian appeared at the American embassy in Syria and gave a portion of the relic to CIA agents stationed there. The identity of the Egyptian visitor remains a mystery as does the ultimate fate of the scroll he gifted to the CIA. As to the contents of the parchment, Redfern cited rumors which claim that it "related to the Book of Daniel and all sorts of references to strange dreams and prophecies." He theorized that such content would be of interest to the CIA, in light of their subsequent surveillance of noted 'prophets' in the 1950's and later research into remote viewing.

According to Redfern, antigravity was another possible technology that the government hoped to discover through its study of ancient mysteries. To that end, he observed that cultures throughout the world possess pyramid structures that were created with massive stones said to be "raised in the air via magical means." This supernatural feat, he noted, was often attributed to mystical music. As such, Redfern said, the military took a great interest in the concept, performed studies on "acoustic technology," and actually managed to lift small objects merely using sound. Additionally, he cited a meeting in the 1950's between Morris Jessup, an researcher who contended that such ancient monuments were created by levitation, and a secret government weapons group that was interested in his findings.

White House Ghosts & Time Slips

In the first hour, author and lecturer Jeff Belanger talked about White House ghosts as well as time slips. He credited the earliest recorded ghost story from the White House to Mary Todd Lincoln's claims of seeing the spirit of her son, who had actually died in the building. Chillingly, Belanger said that, nearly 50 years later, a military aide stationed at the White House wrote about how servants working there also reported encounters with the ghost of a small boy. Regarding time slips, where a person seems to briefly enter an era from the past, Belanger was intrigued by how the phenomenon could be applied to the ghost enigma. "Maybe some of these ghost experiences could be explained by time literally bumping into another time," he mused, "'then' bumping into 'now' and 'now' bumping into 'then.'" For more on Belanger's research into time slips, see this video.

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