Free Speech Threats & Government Tyranny

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Free Speech Threats & Government Tyranny

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Filling in for George, John B. Wells welcomed radio host Alex Jones for a discussion on threats to free speech as well as gun control, and the corporate takeover of America. Jones detailed the recent arrest of a Marine veteran who posted anti-government writings on his Facebook page and warned that it is part of a larger agenda presently unfolding. He surmised that a "purge of our military veterans is taking place" because they both understand their rights and are trained as well as willing to fight for their freedom. However, he said, it is not just veterans who are facing this type of persecution. "All over the country," he lamented, "they're grabbing all sorts of people that criticize the government, even mildly."

Jones also contended that the presence of drones in American skies is the first step in a plan which will lead to "ground robots that, at first, will just face scan and surveil people." However, the ultimate goal of integrating these machines into society will be to weaponize them against people in the event that police and the military refuse to fire on their fellow citizens. Beyond that, Jones stressed that a "mega Big Brother system" is being created via the integration of "smart meters" in a myriad of technological devices as well as data collection via websites and computers. "Evil, for the first time in history, has been given tools that it's never had before," he declared.

In light of this emerging tyrannical state, Jones offered a number of solutions to combat the globalist agenda. He advocated for more participation in local elections, where the outcomes are far less likely to be controlled by corporate interests, as well as spreading the news about nefarious government plans via blogs and social media. That said, Jones observed that there needs to be an attitudinal change in people where they embrace learning about politics and history so that they are better intellectually armed to combat attempts to take away freedom. To that end, he decried violence against the government, noting the globalists want America to fall into a civil war, and, instead, called for a "revolution of intellectual understanding."


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