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Ufologist and paranormal pioneer Timothy Green Beckley (2nd & 3rd hours), joined by producer and author Tim Swartz (3rd & 4th hours) talked about the life, work, and experiments of Nikola Tesla, as well as such topics as "ultra-terrestrials" and UFOs. There is a paranormal aspect to many UFO cases, said Beckley, and he referred to the intelligent beings or aliens associated with them as "ultra-terrestrials" who have the remarkable ability to change shape, or disappear in front of your eyes. He also spoke about the case of "ViVenus," a woman he first met on the Long John Nebel radio program, who claimed to be a "walk-in," saying that she'd freely given her body to an advanced being who landed in a craft in New York's Central Park.

When Tesla died in 1943, the US government confiscated all his possessions (the equivalent of "two railroad cars" worth of materials in various storage spaces), offering no explanation, Swartz recounted. In the years before his passing, Tesla had been talking about a Death Ray invention, and the government may have had concerns over that, Swartz surmised. He noted that Tesla had the gift of being able to fully envision a new invention before his eyes, though he did have certain eccentricities such as being afraid of pearls. Like Einstein, Tesla developed his own Unified Field Theory, hypothesizing that the universe was made of energy fields, and that by using certain electromagnetic fields, a kind of antigravity could be created, Swartz continued.

When Tesla was doing experiments on the transmission of electricity without the use of wires in Colorado Springs around 1898, he actually heard over a radio receiver (before anyone else had radio receivers) what he believed were intelligent signals coming from outside the Earth's atmosphere, and this remained an interest over the rest of his life, Swartz detailed. Later, he came up with a number of medical devices using electromagnetic and scalar effects for healing, which Swartz suggested were way ahead of their time. In the late 1930s, he was asked to participate in the Philadelphia Experiment, and while he initially agreed, he ended up withdrawing because he felt it was too dangerous. Though his involvement was minimal, some of his ideas were incorporated in what turned out to be a disastrous experiment, Swartz commented.

Morgellons Update

First hour guest, inventor and researcher Michael Chapala talked about how he contracted Morgellons disease, and what he did to treat it. He felt a crawling sensation on his skin, and concluded that insect-like creatures had become embedded under his skin, and were slowly passing through different life stages, eventually emerging out of his pores. Chapala believes Morgellons is actually a bio-engineered weapon that's been unleashed on the public, but the organism has certain weaknesses such as being sensitive to magnetic fields. The proteins of the organism can also be broken down using green papaya powder, he claimed.

News segment guests: Douglas Hagmann, Gerald Celente

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