Exploring the Trance State

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Exploring the Trance State

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In the first half of the show, author, hypnotherapist and mesmerist Giovanni Lordi discussed how the subconscious mind is the conduit to other dimensions and how it plays a role in phenomena such as out-of-body experiences and pre-cognition. The subconscious resists changing patterns or habits and fights decisions made by the conscious mind, he explained, noting how the subconscious develops early in life to protect us. Lordi outlined three basic roles of the conscious mind: analyzing situations (asking why), rationalizing (making excuses), and providing willpower (focusing attention). The subconscious must ultimately get direction and purpose from the conscious mind, he added.

Hypnosis can aid in aligning the conscious and subconscious minds, Lordi continued. He said patients seek hypnotherapy for a variety of reasons, including weight loss, anxiety, and perhaps the biggest issue he sees now, being overwhelmed. Lordi shared the case of a woman who suffered from migraines who, when placed into a hypnotic state, spontaneously regressed into a past life where she fell from a rooftop onto her head. When the woman returned she had no more migraines, he disclosed. Lordi spoke of his own out-of-body experiences, speculated about the body visiting parallel dimensions during sleep, and provided a technique for switching off unwanted mental states. The technique, which involves focusing on an unresolved issue and jumping in the air screaming, creates a boundary for the subconscious mind. This allows one to reflect on an issue in order to find a solution and move forward, he revealed.

Open Lines

During Open Lines, Hannah from California told George about bizarre phenomena that she has been experiencing. According to Hannah, she is plagued by nightmares, sees brightly colored circles everywhere, hears strange voices, and is followed by small balls of electricity. Hannah said her condition has impaired her life. Evelyn in Colorado Springs, Colorado, recounted a series of nightmares that she believes warned her not to fly on 9/11. Luckily, Evelyn said she was able to convince her husband to make the long drive to New York instead. "Every time I dream something it comes true," she added. Sean a marathon runner from Maui, Hawaii recalled a near death experience he had as a child living in Chicago. Sean said he and his brother walked to a city park to play catch one day and on the way home he attempted to navigate eight lanes of traffic. I got to the last lane, saw the flash of a car and then everything went black, he remembered, noting how he was thrown out of his shoes by the impact. Several callers phoned in about having panic attacks.

The final half-hour featured part of George's 7/23/08 interview with paranormal researcher Heidi Hollis.

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