UFOs, Climate Change, & Crop Circles

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UFOs, Climate Change, & Crop Circles

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Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed a September 2012 sighting at Black Diamond, Washington of a triangular craft with glowing spheres, climate change brought on by the collapse of Arctic summer sea ice by 2016, and a complex crop formation with 43 circles near ancient mounds in Ohio. In her first report, she interviewed power-line machinist Gregory McManus, who on September 22nd, saw seven, large, red-orange glowing spheres on the bottom of a large, triangle-shaped aerial craft that was completely silent (see illustration below). The spheres, which looked like pool balls racked in a triangle, were dropped by the craft one at a time into a nearby canal. Shortly after that, house lights briefly dimmed out from across the canal. He and his wife videotaped several minutes of the craft, but later found out their camera malfunctioned and only a few seconds of the incident were recorded. More here.

The Arctic summer sea ice melted by the first of September 2012 to the smallest coverage on record since satellite observations began in 1979, Linda reported. She spoke with one of the world's leading ice experts, Prof. Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University, who says a "global disaster" is now unfolding with huge methane-rich continental shelves around the Arctic beginning to melt, and methane plumes coming to the ocean surface. As methane release increases, the planetary temperature could rise beyond 4 degrees F. Such climate change will likely lead to water wars and famine in the years ahead, he warned, adding that technology might help slow the build-up of greenhouse gases. "I would really go for a crash course in building thorium power stations and some kind of very serious rapid research into ways to either take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere or geoengineering solutions that will give us some more time by cutting off some of the solar radiation by putting aerosols into the atmosphere," he said. Further info.

In her two-part report, Linda described one of the most complex crop formations ever found in the US, with 43 circles on seven "arms," rings and circles in standing corn, which was discovered in the middle of September in a field near the Chillicothe, Ohio, ancient Mound Group - a mysterious archaeological site that is at least 2,000 years old. She interviewed Jeff Wilson, Director of the Independent Crop Circle Researchers' Association (ICCRA), who studied the remarkable pattern spanning about 350 feet in diameter with very few corn stalks flat to the ground. "Almost every stem is bent at a different height above the ground, yet from the air, it is a clear 7-fold geometry perhaps unique in the history of American corn formations," he said. Scientific examination of the corn stalk growth nodes revealed anomalous lengthening that has convinced Wilson that this is not a man-made formation. She also spoke with biophysicist W.C. Levengood who examined the Chillicothe corn samples, and found them among the most unusual he'd ever looked at. Levengood, who has studied plants from more than 400 crop formations, has a new book out, co-written by Penny Kelly, titled Consciousness and Energy.

Ancient Aliens Update

First hour guest, publisher of Legendary Times magazine, Giorgio Tsoukalos, shared updates about the ancient aliens theory, and the Mayan calendar. His series, Ancient Aliens on the History 2 Channel has been picked up for a fifth season, and he believes the popularity of it is bringing in a younger audience to UFO and paranormal-themed conferences. Tsoukalos is currently on a lecture tour, and will be introduced by George Noory, when he speaks at the Sheraton in St. Louis on Sunday, October 28th (ticket info).

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In tandem with the 10/25/12 show, Linda Moulton Howe shares an illustration of a triangular craft, 100 feet on a side with seven large, glowing orange-red spheres. The slightly smaller center sphere was the only one of the seven that did not have a geometric pattern like a soccer ball that Greg McManus thought might be "nets" holding in the spheres that eventually dropped down into Lake Sawyer near Black Diamond, Washington, September 2, 2012, at 3:52 AM. Computer graphic illustration © 2012 by Greg McManus.

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