Psychic Perception & Demonic Beings

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Psychic Perception & Demonic Beings

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Joining John B. Wells in the first half, psychic and parapsychology researcher Jack Rourke talked about what psychic perception really is and related topics. Rourke defined parapsychology as the study of an exchange of information between human consciousness and the environment. As an example, he recalled an out-of-body experience he had as a teen in which he came face to face with a being who informed him of his twin sister's death—a fact he discovered shortly after regaining consciousness. The experience was a profound one, Rourke admitted, noting that he was also shown his sister's spirit and learned that life continues after death. The experience demonstrated that one can receive objectively verifiable information beyond the five senses, he added. Rourke also spoke about the importance of being able to recognize and reinforce the psychic signal from 'emotional noise.'

Rourke stressed the difference between psychic and paranormal perception, pointing out that the latter involves things that cannot be objectively verified and that are largely based on belief system, such as ghosts and demons. He shared a case about a man who believed that he was possessed by a demon. According to Rourke, the man complained about having horrible dreams, hearing strange voices, being physically pushed (by and invisible force), sensing an evil presence, and spontaneously manifesting wounds. It is always within the client's capability to stop the process of being possessed, he revealed. One must willingly give into the process, as with temptation, by shifting their vibrations away from the authentic self, Rourke explained, noting that re-aligning with the authentic self is the only immunity from 'demonic' temptations.


In the final half of the program, spiritual dream expert David Ruben discussed the demonic beings that live in the dark, and what we can do to help protect ourselves against entities such as incubus and succubus—demonic spirits that inhabit people and have sexual intercourse with them in their dreams. Ruben shared an experience he had at ten years old, when he awakened early in the morning to find a winged demon outside of his bedroom window. He said it looked like one of the harpies from the movie Jason and the Argonauts and opened his awareness to the ongoing spiritual war between good and evil. Ruben traced the war's beginnings to a battle in heaven in which rebellious angels were cast down to Earth. These fallen angels are the demons we fight against today, he revealed. Ruben emphasized the importance of recognizing evil as a real thing and described his Grimm-like ability to see demons within people. According to Ruben, we can banish nightmares and dark things by building a Campfire for the Mind.


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