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Ghost to Ghost 2012

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George Noory hosted the annual "Ghost to Ghost AM" Halloween show, where callers and guests shared tales of ghostly encounters and contact with the afterworld. Brian in Ohio recalled crossing paths with a ghost while helping his friend's family move into a new home. After moving all of the furniture into the house, they decided to retire for the night and planned to bring over the kitchen appliances the next day. As such, only a wood burning stove was in the new kitchen. That evening, Brian heard banging noises, went to investigate the sounds, and saw an old woman cooking on the stove. He asked her what she was doing and the woman replied "making breakfast." Terrified, Brian screamed, and woke up everyone in the house. At that point, the woman disappeared, but, eerily, the bacon and eggs that she was cooking were left behind.

Stu in Arizona recounted a ghost story which happened to his friend forty years ago. The man was driving home one night and a white '61 Chevy began following him very closely. Perturbed, he stopped at a red light and the other car pulled up beside him. When he looked over to look at the driver, he was stunned to see that "there was nobody in the car. It was empty." Stu's friend then sped up to 110 miles per hour, but the car kept pace with him until he sped into an S-curve and lost his ghostly tormentor. After driving onward, his curiosity overcame him, so he turned around to see what became of the car. However, upon arriving at the curve, there was "no sign that a car had even been there." Stu admitted that he had been skeptical of the story until he began hearing the same version of the tale from other people that didn't know his friend and they all described the exact same white '61 Chevy.

Other tales from the evening included Mike in Montana, who was staying at a cabin with his friends when they were tormented by a fierce rattling of the doorknob. One of his frightened friends shot at the door, which stopped the rattling, but when they opened it, all they saw was a coat of fresh snowfall and no sign that anyone had been outside. Mitch in Ohio revealed that, during his teenage years, he saw a headless figure in an old army uniform. Frozen in shock, Mitch stared at the entity, which slowly raised its arm and pointed at him. Recovering from the fright, he ran off into the woods, where he watched the figure wander off into a nearby field. Also during the program, paranormal investigator Rosemary Ellen Guiley as well as modern day warlock Christian Day shared their most frightening experiences and George presented his reading of the H.G. Wells story The Inexperienced Ghost in the final half hour.

Sandy & the NWO

In the first hour, political scientist and expert in relocation for personal security, Joel Skousen, discussed Hurricane Sandy as well as the globalist agenda for a New World Order. Regarding Sandy, he observed that the majority of damage has been the result of flooding and suggested that it will take about 3 months for the area to fully recover from the disaster. He also noted that the hurricane exemplified a key area of concern for survival situations, because it struck "high density population centers" which created tremendous competition for supplies. On the subject of the New World Order, Skousen contended that an impending war with Iran will be used as an excuse for an economic meltdown in the United States and to also forward a globalist agenda to "create an image that the West is the bully of the world."

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