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Mirror Gazing / Covert ETs

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In the first half, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren talked about his new Ghost Psycho app which recreates the psychomanteum experience. He detailed how the psychomanteum was derived from an ancient Greek practice of entering an underground chamber and looking into the reflective surface of a pool of water until a "fully, corporeal" apparition appeared. In modern times, the process evolved into the use of a mirror, leading to Warren's Ghost Psycho app, which utilizes a mirrored phone screen and special white noise tone. According to reviews of the app, he said, users have already reported seeing "strange, dark things that are moving around the room" including "full bodied apparitions."

Since the Ghost Psycho app seems to induce the same effects as the elaborate methods used by the ancient Greeks, Warren marveled that "this tells us an enormous amount about why people see ghosts in general." To that end, he explained that the results indicate that seeing a ghost is far more dependent on "manipulation of the brain and the mind" rather than external circumstances, such as venturing into a 'haunted' house. "When you are gazing at this, your brain and your senses shift to become open to all these things that are around you," he said. As technology and the mind become further integrated in the future, Warren suggested, devices may become developed where people can readily perceive the supernatural forces existing around them.


In the latter half, UFO expert and editor of Unicus Magazine, Robert Stanley shared his thoughts on Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev's statements about ETs as well as covert alien activity happening on the planet. Stanley expressed belief that Medvedev was being "100% serious" about the existence of a secret file pertaining to an ET presence on Earth. He pointed to the journalist's nervous reaction as well as the rapid media response which "went into damage control" as clues to the veracity of Medvedev's remarks. Stanley theorized that the Russian politician made these revelations because he is upset that his power is weakening and he wanted to "throw a curveball" at the UFO secret keepers.

Regarding ETs living amongst humans on the planet, he cited researcher Robert O. Dean, who told him that NATO studied aliens that were "indistinguishable from anybody walking the street." On how to identify these entities, Stanley contended that, based on witnesses he has spoken with, the human-esque ETs generally appear between twenty to thirty years old and that their eyes have a captivating quality which may portend some form of telepathy. Chillingly, he recounted the testimony of one alleged ET, who claimed that these beings are brought to Earth and surreptitiously switched with human infants soon after they are born and that the population of such entities living on the planet may be an astounding 100 million.

News segment guests: Eldon Taylor & Dr. Sky


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