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Mayan Expedition / Antidepressants

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In the first half of the program, John B. Wells was joined by Richard C. Hoagland of Enterprise Mission for an update on his recent scientific expedition to the Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza. According to Hoagland, various ancient structures on Earth, as well as on Mars, provide evidence for an unseen torsion field force. "The geometry of the layout of the ruins on Mars was designed to memorialize the fundamental geometry of the physics of how the universe works," he explained. The Maya and other ancient peoples understood this same physics and incorporated it into their sacred sites as well, he added, noting how these structures were built to amplify this force.

Hoagland said he had planned for several years to visit the Kukulkan Pyramid in Chichen Itza near the end of the Mayan Calendar to make a detailed analysis with his digital torsion field measuring system. Just days before his excursion he received word from Mexican authorities that he could not bring his equipment into the site. Undaunted, Hoagland admitted to sneaking his electronics into Chichen Itza and taking extraordinary readings until he was shut down by on-site security. The data confirmed his theories on torsion field physics and revealed a curious relationship to HAARP. Hoagland suggested that the HAARP signal was received and rebroadcast as a harmonic torsion frequency by the Giza Pyramids to other sacred sites. He also spoke about why he believes torsion field physics was used to bring down the World Trade Center towers on 9/11.


In the latter half of the show, Dr. Ann Blake Tracy talked about the violent side effects of prescription antidepressants. Tracy recalled uncovering a link between Prozac and psychosis. The drug causes hypoglycemia which in turn makes one crave alcohol, she said, noting how the combination of Prozac and drinking can send someone into a psychotic break. SSRI-type antidepressants impair the body's ability to breakdown serotonin (which many researchers believe plays a role in depression), she explained. According to Tracy, this causes a build-up of serotonin in the brain with affects similar to using hallucinogenic drugs LSD or PCP. Research shows that elevated serotonin is found in cases of schizophrenia, mood disorders, organic brain disease, mental retardation, and autism, she reported, pointing out that even docile rabbits became aggressive when their serotonin levels were raised. Tracy suggested that depression is most often associated with low blood sugar and can in some ways be dealt with by healthy dietary changes.

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