Preparedness & Human Trafficking

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Preparedness & Human Trafficking

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Brad Barker, president and founder of HALO Corporation, provided an inside look into human trafficking as well as shared his insights on preparedness. "We sort of teeter on a knife blade," Barker said, noting how quickly social conventions can break down when humans no longer have access to resources such as electricity, food and potable water. People who have not had water for three days lose cognitive functions and start behaving more like animals than human beings, he added. In dire circumstances, man's law no longer applies and people in need will forcibly take from those who have, Barker continued. He urged listeners to develop a plan specific to them and their families, and recommended reading A Fighter's Heart by Sam Sheridan and subscribing to The HALO Harbinger. Barker also commented on why firearms should be controlled in chaotic disaster scenarios.

Barker described how the sex slave trade works in America. "We've seen a direct correlation between a criminal's net worth and their sexual deviancy," he explained, adding that young children, siblings and twins, and people of specific ethnicities garner the highest prices. Barker revealed the existence of a 'dark web' behind the public Internet where one can purchase military weapons, drugs, and people. The digital currency in the online game Second Life is actually used for money laundering and to pay for transactions on the dark web, he pointed out. Barker said human trafficking victims are kept for a time and forced to work in pornography. When they can no longer perform sexual acts, these victims are used for human bondage, drug manufacturing, and recruiting younger girls into the sex trade, he disclosed.

Mars Curiosity Rover Update

In the first hour, Richard C. Hoagland of Enterprise Mission commented on the 'computer glitch' that has halted the mission of NASA's Mars rover Curiosity. He suggested the timing of the rover's memory error is suspect given that it had just begun analyzing rock samples that could show the Red Planet was once capable of supporting life. Hoagland believes the images sent back from Curiosity reveal a landscape strewn with Martian artifacts. "There's a buried city underneath all that mud, dust and sediment," he said. According to Hoagland, the rover's so called glitch and its publically stated mission are part of a cover story. The space agency's real mission for Curiosity is to catalogue scientific evidence of an ancient and advanced civilization on Mars, he noted.


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