Black Eyed Children & Open Lines

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Date Host George Noory
Guests David Weatherly, Open Lines

In the first half of the program, George Noory was joined by paranormal investigator David Weatherly, who talked about his fascinating work on the Black Eyed Children phenomenon. A typical encounter with these unusual beings begins with a long persistent knock on the door, Weatherly disclosed, noting that they never use a doorbell. When victims answer they find one to three plainly dressed children, aged 10 to 13 with unnaturally pale skin, standing with their heads facing down, he said. Victims describe a sense of uneasiness at the initial encounter, Weatherly explained, adding that this feeling quickly turns to nervousness as the children express their desire to be invited into the house. At some point the unwelcomed guests look up to reveal their solid black eyes, similar to those seen in depictions of Gray aliens, which induces outright fear and panic in the victim, he reported.

"It seems as if the whole goal of these encounters is to create this high level of fear in the victim," Weatherly continued. He speculated that these sinister children could be demonic entities or alien hybrids which feed off emotional distress, since they simply vanish after their encounters. Some victims report smelling a foul odor, akin to sulfur or something rotten, in the presence of the Black Eyed Children, Weatherly revealed. Most people do not let them in but some have touched or been touched by these strange beings. Almost immediately afterward the victims report illness, bad luck, or deaths in their family, he said, pointing out that the children may foreshadow unfortunate events or be the cause of it themselves. Weatherly shared the case of a 10-year-old boy who invited a Black Eyed Child into his mother's car, became ill, and could not be treated because his symptoms continually changed. He also mentioned accounts in which witnesses describe seeing the eyes of someone they know turn solid black.


The remainder of the show featured Open Lines, with a special hotline in the final hour for callers whose lives were saved by someone or something. Steve in Lost Hills, California, recalled when he was driving his truck on an icy road and received a vision that he should "hit the red car." According to Steve, he came over a rise, saw a red car sliding around, aimed for it, and not only avoided it but also escaped a larger accident. Chris from Chicago told George about the time he was shoveling snow after a blizzard and fell backwards into a snow bank. According to Chris, he was buried so deeply by snow that only his hand was sticking out and visible. Luckily a passerby saw his glove and pulled him out, he said. Angelica in Northridge California, shared how a teacher helped save her from crippling depression by encouraging her to join her school's track team. "It literally changed my life and gave me life," she confessed.

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