Energy Wars, GMOs, & Geopolitics

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Energy Wars, GMOs, & Geopolitics

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Author William Engdahl discussed potential new 'energy wars' in the Mediterranean, issues around GMO crops, and how a group of global elite are gaining control over the world's oil, agriculture and currencies. "The essential strategy of the cartel of banks and big oil to create a myth of energy scarcity...and one of the means to do that is creating these wars," such as by taking countries like Iraq and Iran, which have huge untapped oil reserves, off the market for years, via wars or threats of war, he explained.

For the first time, we are beginning to see 'wars' over natural gas, as the EU increasingly needs it to meet their mandate to reduce their carbon footprint. Israel recently discovered huge reserves of natural gas offshore, and is becoming an energy player for the first time. Greece, Cypress, and Lebanon have also discovered reserves, as well as Qatar, which has been making possible deals with Syria and Iran. "Immediately, you can begin to sense the geopolitical potential for wars in almost every direction," he commented.

GMO agriculture was started by the same interests that control Big Oil, creating monopolies through vertical integration-- "agribusinesses" for 20-30 giant multinational corporations, he detailed. With GMOs, foreign bacteria or elements are spliced into the DNA of soy or corn, and that's releasing something inherently unstable-- it's fraudulent and reductive science, he remarked. A recent long term study in France looked at rats fed a diet of Monsanto GMO corn for two years, and they found an alarming incidence of cancer tumors, organ damage, and early deaths. Monsanto's own studies have never gone beyond 90 days, he noted. Engdahl believes the elite seek to drastically reduce Earth's population, via wars, disease, vaccines, and other methods.

Remembering Rod Serling

First hour guest, Anne Serling talked about her new book, As I Knew Him; My Dad, Rod Serling, and her memories of growing up with the man behind The Twilight Zone. Though he sometimes butted heads with sponsors and censors, he was often able to slip in ideas about social and moral issues under the radar through his sci-fi storytelling, she explained, adding that he once said "an alien could say what democrats or republicans couldn't." She also spoke about how her father was traumatized by his experiences in WWII, as well as his disappointment with his second series Night Gallery, which he felt didn't have as much to say about important issues like Twilight Zone did.

News segment guests: Douglas Hagmann, Jerome Corsi, Katherine Albrecht


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