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Science of BioGeometry

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Architects Pier Paolo Alberghini and Ibrahim Karim joined John B. Wells for a discussion on BioGeometry, a science that deals with the Energy of Shape. Alberghini, who was born in Florence, Italy, said he drew inspiration from the architectural works of Renaissance masters Michelangelo and da Vinci. After three decades of practicing his craft, however, he admitted that his designs were missing what he experienced 'feeling' the good architecture in Italy and France. A lecture on BioGeometry by Ibrahim Karim changed his life and work, and provided the key he had been missing, Alberghini noted.

Karim said he looked to ancient sacred sites and discovered there was a special energy in those places. For instance, contemporary Christians and Muslims have built houses of worship within the same 5000-year-old temple in Luxor because of the energy there, he revealed. Karim explained how he developed the Physics of Quality to measure and understand the energy of such locations (which ancients found by observation and marked with megalithic stones), as well as the design principles to reproduce this energy and amplify it thousands of times. The energy of these power spots can produce healing and be measured by its overall effect on human beings, he indicated.

"It is not only limited to architecture... the science of BioGeometry embraces everything possible that is on Earth," Alberghini suggested. It applies to visible and invisible dimensions, Karim added, pointing out that sacred power spots contain multi-dimensional portals. "True geometry is always connected to a certain multi-dimensional doorway which opens up to other dimensions where you have archetypal templates of those things that exist here," he posited. By reproducing the energy qualities you find in sacred power spots you are reproducing the portal, Karim said. Without the connection to multi-dimensional portal you cannot have architecture that is good to the human energy system, he added.

The two men also spoke about the power of pyramids. One cannot use a pyramid shape to enhance life as it has been designed to do the opposite, Karim warned. The harmful aspects of pyramids can be nullified by putting a dent in each side, he disclosed. According to Alberghini, the power of pyramids and other ancient sites comes from correct placement on Earth, which allows for the possibility of the user to be elevated and harmonized. He recommended building like the ancients, with forethought of location, so the user can be lifted from everyday life into an existence that brings health, wealth and joy. Additionally, Alberghini noted how BioGeometry can be used to harmonize existing structures to provide good energy and make them livable as well.

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

In the first hour, author Whitley Strieber provided an update on the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, held on April 29 through May 3 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The event is a 'mock hearing' with former members of the U.S. Congress sitting in committee, listening to evidence and questioning researchers on how UFOs and extraterrestrials have been engaging the human race. At the meeting, researchers Richard Dolan and Linda Moulton reported on an extraordinary claim from a dying witness that President Eisenhower had threatened to invade Area 51 with military forces because he could not obtain information about alien related projects there, Strieber revealed. Read more on this story here.

"The core reality is that something we don't understand is going on and it is important," Strieber continued. He lamented the lack of reasonable reporting on the topic, blaming the news media in part for a social media program that has kept most Americans in the dark. "There's a reason why no congressman or senator, right now, would ever speak out on this subject, because they'd get their heads bitten off by the media," he said.


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