Evolution of an Abductee

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Evolution of an Abductee

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As an abductee with 95 percent conscious recall of his experiences, Jim Sparks, talked about how over the years he went from resistor to cooperator with the alien beings who abducted him. His interactions were with two different types of 'grey' aliens, he said-- short "worker bees" who were half-robotic, and taller (4 to 5 ft. tall) biological beings with large heads and eyes, and skinny necks, torsos, and arms. They communicate via telepathy, and the taller beings are able to think 10-100 times faster than humans, as well as hold hundreds of thoughts in their mind at the same time, he detailed. Their advanced scientific abilities (such as being able to move through walls) can seem like to magic to us, and they only can be seen when they want us to see them, he continued.

The beings have unfettered access to our minds-- i.e. we have no private thoughts from them, and that is extremely intimidating, and hard to be around, he commented. However, over time, he eventually learned to adapt to being around them, and his fears and discomfort lessened. He's convinced that the aliens have conquered death, though they can be killed. Intriguingly, Sparks revealed they have the ability to time travel. He had a small scale experience of it himself, when he was brought back after an abduction and the clock showed a time that was earlier than when he was taken. In the first years of his abductions, Sparks reported that he was threatened by odd government agents, telling him to keep quiet about his experiences.

The aliens have their own agenda which deals with concerns over the creatures they seeded on our planet (including humans), Sparks noted, adding that various agreements humanity made with them have all been broken (by us) over time. The aliens have suggested "amnesty" be offered to those who have deliberately kept their presence secret from the public, so the truth can come out, he said. Their hybrid program, he explained, was successful in creating human beings that are more intelligent, environmentally sensitive, and telepathic, and they could potentially populate the planet, if something happened to us.

Student Loan Reform Bill

First hour guest, activist historian Webster Tarpley discussed Senator Elizabeth Warren and Cong. John Tierney's proposed bill on student loan reform. They propose that beginning July 1st (when student loan interest rates are set to double) that the interest rate be dropped to .75, the same as what banks can borrow from the Federal Reserve. Tarpley noted that while Wall Street doesn't like this reduction, it wouldn't cost the taxpayer anything, would make education more affordable, and actually help the economy. He further suggested that graduating classes of 2013 turn their graduation ceremonies into a rally in favor of the Warren-Tierney bill.

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