Haunted Objects & Open Lines

Haunted Objects & Open Lines


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsTim Weisberg, Open Lines

In the first half, George Noory welcomed author, radio host and paranormal researcher Tim Weisberg for a discussion on haunted objects. "Whatever you bring home and bring into your house could be carrying its own unique energy with it, and with that there's the potential for numerous spirits," he said. Unless one is gifted with psychometry (the ability to receive psychic information by touching an object), most people have no idea whether or not an object is haunted, Weisberg added.

He recounted a personal story about keeping a chair and melted plastic pink flamingo from his grandparents' burned-down house which brought along with them his grandfather's spirit. Weisberg described how a haunted Haitian mask carried disaster into a woman's household, culminating in exploding drinking glasses and inexplicable sink holes. In addition, Weisberg reported on a possessed antique chair, complete with carved gargoyles, that nearly dominated the owner's thoughts and caused a negative downturn in his life. "The change in the way that he looked [at the chair], I feel like I saw a demon influencing a person right before my eyes," he recalled.

Weisberg also spoke about haunted locations in southern New England, an area he identified as a paranormal vortex known as the Bridgewater Triangle. There are certain locations within that region that Native Americans believed to be cursed and they would not go near, he said. Weisberg identified the most active haunt in America as the Lizzie Borden House, where he said energy from the 1892 murders still resonates. There are almost always spirit interactions in that place, he continued, noting his own strange experience feeling an unknown force lift his legs off a bed. Something dark thrives on the murders as well as the curious visitors who go there, Weisberg proposed.

He shared details from his investigation of the Civil War era Fort Taber in New Bedford, Massachusetts. According to Weisberg, his group was in an immense underground bunker when they felt wind from an unknown source and a psychic reported seeing a young boy bent over in the corner covering his head. Everyone heard an audibly loud crash like the roof was caving in, he remembered, suggesting it was phantom cannon fire and the young boy a ghost taking cover.


During Open Lines, Andrew in Toronto told George about the haunted house he and his family resided in when he was a teenager. Andrew admitted to being preoccupied with his own thing while the house terrorized everyone else in the family, especially his brother. A priest was called in but was unable to cleanse the home and suggested the affected family members see a psychiatrist, he said. According to Andrew, his brother was plagued by three tall shadowy entities who may have followed him after he moved to British Columbia, as he reported seeing shadow figures and hearing mysterious bloodcurdling screams. The ten-year ordeal is one of the most documented hauntings in North America, Andrew revealed.

Dino, a self-professed demon caster from Iowa, shared a story about how a cursed object brought three demons of hatred to a property he and his family had purchased. Dino said the demonic force in the house spoke to his son, turned lights off and, somehow, even urinated on the floor. A friend told him a cursed object was to blame and Dino eventually found an old hand pump well that was giving off negative energy. The pump had been cursed by a Satanist after the house was originally built, Dino explained, noting how he cast out the demonic forces and lifted the curse by evoking the name of Jesus.

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