The Bilderbergs

The Bilderbergs


HostJohn B. Wells

GuestsDaniel Estulin, Alex Jones

Investigative journalist Daniel Estulin joined John B. Wells to discuss the secretive and powerful Bilderberg Group and their designs for the future of humanity. "Bilderberg isn't a conspiracy theory, it's a conspiracy reality," Estulin said. He recalled first hearing about the Bilderbergs in 1991, when a source told him about their plan to dismantle Canada, separate Quebec, and merge English-speaking Canada with the United States. The group was an important element of the oligarchical structures of the Cold War period used as a vehicle through which private financier interests could impose policies on various world governments, Estulin explained, adding that they were heavily populated by people who came out of the World War II Nazi apparatus. The Bilderbergs are the worst visible enemy of humanity and one of several front groups that radiate the ideas determined by a much higher organization, a secret empire that seeks to control everything, he revealed.

According to Estulin, this weekend's Bilderberg meeting included discussions about the global financial crisis, Great Britain leaving the European Union, the new emerging motors of world growth, renegotiating the social welfare model, and technologies of the future. Population control and food supply was at the top of the agenda, he continued. They are actively working to reduce the world's population and have created an artificial scarcity of nutritious foods, Estulin suggested. For them to eat, we have to die, he warned. In addition, the group is purposely destroying the world's economy as well as nation states that support life and progress as part of the plan to reduce the global population. Progress and development are directly proportional to population density and they cannot survive in a world where there is widespread technological and scientific progress, Estulin said.

Bilderberg Meeting Update

In the first hour, Alex Jones provided an update from the UK on this weekend's Bilderberg meeting. A European Parliament member came out to reveal how the European Union (EU) was conceived by Nazis as a way to covertly take over and control the economies of Europe, Jones reported. "In truth, Adolf Hitler, as sick as it is, has almost won World War II in 2013," he added. Jones was pleased to see the release of innumerable media stories on the Bilderberg meeting, as well as 3,000 fellow protesters show up outside the hotel where the secret meeting was taking place. The veil of secrecy put up by the mainstream media to conceal the shadowy globalist agenda is beginning to fall, he announced. Humanity is finally awakening and organizing against the criminals responsible for the EU, global surveillance grid and corporate takeover of the planet, Jones said. The British police keeping peace at the event even applauded his anti-Bilderberg speech, he noted.



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