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Filling in for George Noory, John B. Wells hosted an evening of Open Lines. Daniel of Lifting Spirits Paranormal Society in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, discussed his organization's work and impressive collection of paranormal photographs. "My wife is sensitive to the paranormal, she feels where the spirits are at, and that's how she's able to capture the pictures that she does," he disclosed. Daniel described one particular picture taken at the Jennie Wade House in Gettysburg that shows what appears to be the spirit of Jennie Wade herself in a mirror hanging on the wall. Daniel said his group focuses its efforts on helping residual spirits move on and find peace.

Max from Bend, Oregon, phoned in to talk about Einstein’s Theories of Special and General Relativity. The time it takes for someone to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in a spaceship traveling at close to the speed of light would be equivalent to 1,000 years for the rest of the universe, he detailed, pointing out that a similar effect happens near 'heavy' objects such as black holes. Max suggested that such physics may apply to super beings, which are the only ones capable of traveling at light speed and why they cannot regularly be seen by regular humans on Earth.

John, a self-proclaimed amateur archaeologist in Tampa, Florida, announced that he'd finally found Ponce de León's lost colony after 13 years of searching for it. Many researchers have placed the colony south of Tampa in the vicinity of Charlotte Harbor, John explained, noting how his investigation led him to a site north of the city along the Anclote River. The discovery of blunderbusses, 15th century muskets and a Spanish well there provided supporting evidence, he added. According to John, de León sailed to Florida in search of the Spring of Rejuvenating Life from Greek mythology and actually found it at the convergence of three different waterways constructed by Poseidon as a special fish hatchery. The Spanish explorer discovered that this spring only regenerated fish life but he did find the 'Fountain of Life' in the form of highly medicinal elixir produced by a group of blond-haired blue-eyed Native Americans, he revealed. John also shared his theory that the fabled River Styx flows through the Atlantic Ocean to Florida.

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Earlier this week NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg captured some stunning pictures of lightning storms from aboard the International Space Station. From her vantage point 400 miles above the planet storms can be seen erupting above California, West Africa and Asia. Nyberg also captured an elusive red sprite, a meteorological phenomenon that occurs when lightning explodes in the high atmosphere. Additional photos and info at Mail Online.

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