Ancient Cycles / Chimeras & Secret Experimentation

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Ancient Cycles / Chimeras & Secret Experimentation

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In the first half, researcher Jason Martell discussed ancient technologies, and why many ancient cultures tracked patterns based on astronomical cycles, and used megalithic monuments in association with this. He also talked about the Anunnaki, and how other ancient cultures besides the Sumerians, may have interacted with them, as they have similar depictions of the "Shining Ones." At some of the stone structures at Gobekli Tepe, dating back around 13,000 years, and the monolithic statues at Easter Island, the bodies look remarkably similar, he noted. "I think there's a lost epic of our culture here on Earth, in a larger cycle of time that repeats...and some of these ancient cultures that we've revered up till now like Egypt tapped into this ancient knowledge," he said. The Sumerians portrayed the Anunnaki with wings, as an indicator that they had the power of flight, he detailed, and they depicted their craft, with the top portion separating from the main body, like a rocket.

Martell believes that the larger astronomical cycle runs for 24,000 years and is connected to Earth being in a binary solar system. Assuming that our sun is orbiting another sun (possibly a brown dwarf), "when we're in the Golden Age, when the suns are at their closest points to each other, it does something to the consciousness, and the ability for us to expand our knowledge exponentially here on Earth," he continued, adding that when the suns are at their farthest point, we're in the Dark Ages. Further, a cataclysmic event may have made the lost knowledge of the Golden Age harder for us to trace, he added.


In the second half, author David Wellington discussed transgenics, which combines DNA from multiple species to yield creatures known as chimeras, and shared his research into secret government experimentation on US citizens, including exposure to pathogens and mind control. Starting as far back as 1906, US Army doctors injected prisoners in the Philippines with bubonic plague and cholera, in order to conduct tests on the effects of these diseases. Later, in the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, men suffering from syphilis were given no treatment, and lied to about their condition. The US Navy sprayed supposedly "harmless"bacteria over San Francisco, and many people got sick. In 1956-7, the US Army released millions of disease-infected mosquitoes in Savannah, Georgia and Avon Park, FL as an experiment to see if the insects could be weaponized, he reported. Wellington also delved into MK-ULTRA and the sinister work of Dr. Ewen Cameron who sought to re-pattern and rebuild subjects' minds using drugs and intensive electroshock treatments.

One new chimera is the spider goat, a goat that was transplanted with a gene from a spider which produces silk that is among the strongest substances known. Now, this silk can be harvested from the goat's milk, in greater quantities than from spiders' webs. The material from the goat's milk is a fiber that can be woven together to make a cloth that is far more effective than even Kevlar in stopping bullets, Wellington shared. By the middle of this century, he foresees that we'll have effective treatments for diseases that have plagued mankind for thousands of years, but on the downside, we're going to live in a world where people will be born in labs without brains, specifically for the purpose of being cut up for their organs.

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Pictured is a reconstruction of the mysterious Antikythera Mechanism, believed to be an astronomical instrument of great precision. The creation of this ancient 'analog computer' is dated back to the first century BC. This reconstruction was featured in an exhibition of ancient Greek technology. 7/31/13 show guest Jason Martell discusses the object and other ancient mysteries in this video clip.

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