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Astral Travel / Planet X

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In the first half, hypnotherapist Dr. Bruce Goldberg talked about such topics as astral travel, out-of-body travel, teleportation, and his techniques for soul plane ascension, and "superconscious mind tap." The latter technique is a way to treat habits, phobias, and illnesses, and raise your level of consciousness or frequency vibration rate, he said, adding that four conditions must be present to achieve this: internal motivation, discipline to practice hypnosis or meditative state, faith in the process, and access to your higher self. Illnesses are caused by energy imbalances, sometimes related to spiritual or psychical issues, he added.

Goldberg offered tips on how to achieve out-of-body experiences (OBEs). Since people go into these states naturally while asleep or dreaming, one of his suggestions was to tell yourself before going to sleep that you're going to remember your OBEs during the dream state. He also shared details about traveling in the astral plane, noting that the upper astral plane is a place of safety, alertness, and love, while in the lower astral plane confusion and evil entities are present. The lower astral plane has no possibility of spiritual growth, because your higher self does not go there, while the opposite is true in the upper astral, he explained.


In the latter half, author and publisher Marshall Masters shared his contention that 'Planet X' is continuing its inbound path in our solar system, drawing closer to Earth. Rather than a planet, he believes what is out there is a mini-constellation, with a brown dwarf sun at the center, that is currently about two Jupiter distances away from us. One of the outermost objects orbiting this sun has been observed and nicknamed "Bluebonnet," he said. In order for it to be observed, people have to adjust their view, not for the Earth's horizon, but the ecliptic-- the plane of the solar system, he stated.

Masters said an associate of his captured an image of the brown dwarf from a high altitude viewing spot west of Peru back in May and that has helped his team calculate the path of Planet X. He suggested that the effects of Planet X have already played into Earth's extreme weather, but according to his estimate, from 2015 onward, disruptions will be far more intense, with a pole shift and drastic flooding taking place, such as Edgar Cayce predicted. For more, check out Masters' video Planet X System Observations and Orbital Analysis.

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