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Alien Viruses

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Joining George Knapp, Fortean researcher Nick Redfern and doctor of Physics from Cornell University, Bob Wood, discussed the many leaked documents that describe research into alien biology and virology. Wood cited specific cases, including the Roswell crash, where alleged human interaction with either UFOs or their ET passengers appears to have directly resulted in illness and death. He argued that this contamination seems to be inadvertent rather than a sinister plot by aliens. However, the duo conceded that only is it possible for ETs to orchestrate a pandemic on Earth, but it would be an ideal tactic to eradicate humans in a simple and clandestine way. "It would be far easier, cleaner, and cheaper, from their perspective, to just release something that would wipe us all out within a few weeks or months," Redfern observed of the dangers posed by ET biowarfare.

Although the aliens may not be purposely infecting the human race with deadly viruses, Wood's research suggests that the US government has a longstanding program aimed at weaponizing ET germs. To that end, he quoted from a leaked 1951 report by the US government which boasted that "the samples extracted in bodies found in New Mexico have yielded new strains of retrovirus not usually understood, but give promise of the ultimate BW [biowarfare] weapon." Beyond the leaked documents which mention alien viruses, Redfern noted that there are also files, which have officially been released via the FOIA, that also cover a connection between UFOs and diseases. For example, he pointed to the case of a doctor who studied UFO flaps and found a connection with "sudden outbreaks of polio in the US." This research was so strong, he said, that it drew the interest of several government agencies.

Redfern also revealed insights he received from a man who claimed to be the custodian for secret documents held by the US government. According to this man, the space suits worn by the ETs were considered biological hazards and that, when worn by a person, their thoughts mirrored those of an alien, resulting in a hostile perception of the human race. "It was like the person had a unique window image of the alien mindset, almost like a hive mind," Redfern recalled learning about these suits, "it created a lot of panic within the person, themselves, and they couldn't wear them for long." This interface between the mind and technology, Wood posited, may provide greater understanding as to how UFOs are controlled by their ET pilots.

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