Demonology & Haunted Objects

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Demonology & Haunted Objects

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Paranormal investigator John Zaffis discussed his collection of haunted objects, as well as his work as a demonologist, and helping people deal with malicious entities or spirits. A key aspect of being a demonologist, he explained, is understanding the various approaches and belief systems of Rabbis, ministers, priests, and shamans who perform different types of rites for people afflicted by negative entities. He outlined several different kinds of these dark beings including the jinn (said to exist before mankind), ETs (given recognition through thought forms), and devils & demons (who came about when religions were created). "I don't think these are things that necessarily walked on the Earth, or were ever human. Some people look at this from a perspective of fallen angels," he said.

Some of the afflicted exhibited such behaviors as levitation, and expressing knowledge they would have no way of knowing. They also experienced time or memory loss, not recalling their abominable behavior when they were acting under the entities' control, he continued. One of the most harrowing exorcisms he worked on was the case of Pat Redding, a small woman who broke out of her straitjacket and ripped the pew out of the floor that she was tied to.

He spoke about poltergeist cases where objects and furniture move around, spontaneous fires sometimes occur, and water has come out of the ceiling. Typically, in these cases an individual (often an adolescent) is manipulating the energy through telekinesis. Zaffis also touched on his work with haunted objects (view photos), in which negative energy becomes attached to them. Dolls in particular have the propensity to become haunted and wreak havoc, he noted. His TV series on SyFy, Haunted Collector focuses on this topic.

UFO Updates

First hour guest, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, Peter Davenport shared recent sightings and updates. He noted with surprise that there's been a sudden increase in the volume of reports, and many of these describe orange, red, or yellow "fireballs" or "orbs," the majority of which he does not believe are Chinese fire lanterns. A disturbing sighting was just reported to him earlier in the evening that came in from an amateur astronomer who was watching the night sky in Missouri. She said that when an object suddenly flew over, it caused her electronic equipment, including her phone to fail, and her truck wouldn't start either.

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