Degeneration of U.S. & The 10th Amendment

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Degeneration of U.S. & The 10th Amendment

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John B. Wells was joined in the first half of the program by author and Illuminati expert Mark Dice, who commented on the stupefying of society and degeneration of American culture. Dice has produced several gag YouTube videos that show him asking random people to sign outlandish petitions, such as repealing the Bill of Rights or supporting infanticide for small children. "One out of three people will sign without even thinking... their brains are turned off," he reported. Dice warned about a downward cycle for the nation, where liberty and abundance give way to complacency, apathy and bondage.

"Our country has lost its soul," he lamented, blaming popular music idols like Ke$ha and Eminem, teenage violence and crass consumerism, as well as an apathetic and brain dead citizenry. Part of the Illuminati's plan is to keep people out of the way and detached from the political process, Dice continued, noting how a disinterested populace will not rise up to stop the New World agenda. He pointed out how the Illuminati uses film and television to condition viewers. Dice also commented on the dangerous situation in Syria, suggesting that the global powers that be would like to install the Muslim Brotherhood there, as well as in every other Islamic country. They are prepping the planet for a final cataclysm and forthcoming Illuminati savior, he revealed.


Next, Michael Boldin, president of The Tenth Amendment Center, discussed individual sovereignty issues with a focus on unconstitutional federal powers. According to the Tenth Amendment, powers not delegated to the federal government by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states or to the people. No matter who is in power in Washington, regardless of political party, the federal government seems to grow bigger every year, he bemoaned. They claim the power to tell people what kind of light bulbs to use, how big a toilet can be and what kind of plants can be grown and consumed at one's own home, Boldin stated. They also claim the power to wage war, use drones for espionage and indefinitely detain citizens, he added. Boldin expressed some hope that states could retake power from the federal government through a process called nullification, in which an act or set of acts renders a particular federal law null and void.


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