World Turmoil & Giants

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Steve Quayle, William Thomas

Author and researcher Steve Quayle returned to the show to discuss a variety of topics including world events, orchestrations of the Illuminati, and his investigation into the mysteries of giants and fallen angels. He spoke about the upcoming GridEx II, an emergency drill involving a simulated shutdown of the power grid and the Internet. Behind the scenes, particularly in the financial sector, he said he's heard things that don't add up about the drill, and expressed concern that the event might be used as a guise to carry out covert plans.

He suggested that a number of terrorist attacks such as the 7/7/05 London bombing occurred during a false flag event. Quayle said it's critical for people to recognize a false flag event, which he described as when a person or group creates an problem and then provides a solution which yields their desired result. Regarding the situation in Syria, he lamented that the US was supporting the rebels, because many of them are al Qaeda.

Quayle offered details about fragments of a giant skeleton that were found in Ecuador at a site named "Changaiminas" which translates from Spanish as "cemetery of the gods." A reconstruction of the fragments using a computer model was said to yield a human skeleton 7-times the size of a modern man, and 'spiritual archaeologist' Klaus Dona was involved in the research. Quayle remarked that giants are currently being reanimated and called forth.

Chemtrails Update

First hour guest, investigative journalist William Thomas shared updates on chemtrails. Though it was Thomas who first coined the word "chemtrails," he's now started to refer to the phenomenon as atmospheric aerosols or geoengineering, terms that have more credence in the scientific world. "We have admissions from a senior FAA air traffic control manager and radar technicians that there are US air force tankers leaving reflective particles in the sky," he said. Thomas believes that the US' geoengineering program has two ongoing aspects-- there's a military application for communications and communication disruption, and a climate modification plan involving the spraying of aerosols to stave off global warming.

News segment guest: Mish Shedlock



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