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Alternative Media Special

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Filling in for George, John B. Wells hosted a discussion on alternative media with a panel of guests appearing throughout the night. In the first hour, journalist Abby Martin detailed the trouble she got in for asking Senator Rand Paul about his endorsement of Mitt Romney. After the confrontation with Paul the Capitol police called her employer and threatened to have her arrested for stalking and harassment, Martin revealed. She said the experience taught her how things really work in D.C., noting how the political establishment and corporate media apparatus have created an environment there in which only vetted pre-approved appearances are allowed. "[The media] might as well be state run," she chided. Martin also discussed her show on RT, Breaking the Set, describing it as an aggressive political program filled with bias and aimed at undermining the establishment, criticizing the corporatocracy and challenging the U.S. empire.

During the second hour, Shepard Ambellas of accused the U.S. government of acting on behalf of large corporate interests that are ultimately controlled by a handful of wealthy individuals bent on ushering in a one world government. They are not interested in solving problems nor do they have the best interest of American citizens in mind, he warned. Comparing them to the mafia, Ambellas disclosed the plan of the elite to force smaller nations to submit to organizations like the United Nations. They desire to turn freethinking individuals into mindless worker drones living in cubicles, he continued, noting how chemicals are being used to dumb down the populace. Congress is paid off, nothing is getting better, life is becoming more complex and the tax burden on average citizens is growing heavy, Ambellas lamented. He encouraged listeners to stand up and take action, adding that "the average person could step into the presidency... and turn the whole country around within their first term."

In the final half, John welcomed Buzzsaw host Tyrel Ventura, along with fellow hosts Sean Stone and Tabitha Wallace, who joined the conversation in the third and fourth hours, respectively. Ventura talked about a lost episode of Conspiracy Theory on the future of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and some frightening taser wristbands they are ready to deploy. He also commented on why people are moving to alternative news sources to learn the truth about what's really going on and how the "U.S. is the biggest rogue state in the world ." Stone spoke about his fascination with esoteric topics such as time travel, skinwalkers and aliens, as well has his own paranormal encounter. He hinted that Hollywood might be filled with celebrities and pop stars under MK Ultra mind control. Wallace exposed an agenda within the mainstream media, pointing out that the entire Osama bin Laden narrative is fiction made up to fuel a story line. "I really think that, historically, you can see that what we've been told actually happened... has systematically been proven to be totally untrue," she said.


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