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How To Use a Ouija Board

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George Noory welcomed author Karen Dahlman for a discussion on Ouija boards. A Ouija board is nothing more than a neutral laminated piece of pressed wood, she said, noting that it has no power of its own and is simply a tool for tapping into other sources of information. There are a variety of consciousnesses, including mischievous spirits, departed humans and ethereal/celestial (never been incarnated) beings, that can be contacted through the board, Dahlam explained, adding that a connection is made when the source matches the energy of the person holding the Ouija portal open. "This, for me, has been the tool that I've been able to use to really expand my mind and consciousness as well as my internal world," she revealed.

Dahlman shared a breakthrough experience she and several friends had with the Ouija in college. According to Dahlman, she and another operator were blindfolded, the planchette began moving "deliberately and seriously" on its own and was quite difficult to hold onto, and when finished had spelled out a distinct message from an entity claiming to be the deceased sister of one of the girls in the room. The sister had been killed in a crash and wanted her sibling to know that she experienced no pain at her death, she recalled. Dahlman said the episode taught her that departed spirits experience pain only for the loved ones that grieve them, not from death itself.

How one approaches the Ouija will determined what comes through, Dahlman continued. It should never be treated as a game, she cautioned, suggesting that the curious approach board use in a sacred and reverent space. In addition, Dahlman recommended developing a network of spirits on the other side who can serve as guardians, guides and bouncers. She estimated that at least 56 different entities have contacted her via the Ouija and credited them for helping write her books. Different sources come through when you are ready for their messages, she remarked. Dahlman reiterated her practice of using the board for spiritual growth, healing and guidance. She also warned about a negative influence that can come through known as Mr. Zozo.

The remainder of the program featured Open Lines.

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