The Devil, Evil Spirits & Hell

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The Devil, Evil Spirits & Hell

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George Noory welcomed lawyer and medium Mark Anthony for a discussion on the devil, evil spirits and hell. The devil exists but not in the way organized Christian religions have taught," he said, noting how the idea of a supernatural entity who controls people and is the central command of evil is primitive and contradicts monotheism. According to Anthony, the devil is a convenient scapegoat for frightening individuals into conforming to a particular dogma and for concealing the truth that evil is generated entirely by the human ego. "The devil is the evil that exist within all of us... we don't need a jerk with a pitchfork to motivate us to commit horrific acts of brutality, selfishness and evil," he suggested.

There are some who people who embody pure evil, Anthony continued, citing the In Cold Blood killers written about by Truman Capote. He shared his own experiences with 'shark-eyed' psychopaths and sociopaths, describing them as cold unfeeling predatory creatures. Anthony said he saw this evil nature in a 13-year-old client whose father admitted that he was afraid his son might cut his throat as he slept. When a dark energy (murderer, lowlife, thug) dies it goes into the darker levels of the other side where it can be interpreted as an evil spirit, he added. The lower levels are farther from the light and separated from God, he explained, pointing out that spirits there are not happy there and must atone in order to emerge from the darkness. You cannot escape karma, he warned.

Anthony reported on his paranormal investigation of a cavern below the haunted Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, where he and his team encountered a female non-human spiritual intelligence. He said investigators sometimes mistakenly assume these being are evil. In this case the female energy took the form of a green light that enveloped one of the ghost hunters so she could study him, Anthony revealed. Many cases of so-called demonic possession often involve untrained channelers who have opened themselves up to lower level entities from the other side, he added. Anthony also spoke about his time at Arthur Findlay College, a school of Spiritualism and psychic sciences, as well as how he uses his psychic abilities in the practice of law. It is useful skill to have when choosing a jury, he said.

Open Lines followed in the final hour.

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