Tarot Mysteries & Mysterious Number Stations

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Tarot Mysteries & Mysterious Number Stations

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In the first half of the show, Tarot expert and professional reader Janet Boyer discussed the history of the Tarot deck and how it has been used to decode life's mysteries. A former theologically-trained Pentecostal minister and prophet, Boyer came to study Tarot after a crisis of faith. "One day about twelve years ago [after the death of her husband] I just felt to learn Tarot," she said. A traditional Tarot deck is comprised of 78 cards, 22 that many people recognize called the Major Arcana and 56 suit cards known as the Minor Arcana, Boyer explained. Tarot illustrates the human experience and crosses cultural barriers, she noted, adding that "it is a picture book that reflects life."

Tarot began as a European card game several centuries before the cards were used by readers to gain insight into a person's life, Boyer continued. Accuracy depends on the skill of reader and the types of questions being asked, she revealed. According to Boyer, Tarot can help a person play life's cards better by helping an individual properly evaluate what is going on and providing an awareness that aids in making better decisions. “I always seek to empower the client by drawing what I call advice cards or blessing cards or silver lining cards," she added. Boyer cautioned against greed and the realm of the devil card, pointing out that attachment to physical things is the first step to addiction, as well as warned about charlatan Tarot readers who charge exorbitant fees to reverse curses. She also provided brief readings for callers.

The remainder of the program featured Open Lines, with a special emphasis on mysterious shortwave radio broadcasts being heard around the planet. Bill in Las Vegas said the strange broadcasts originate from Number Stations from the Cold War era that aided Russian/Cuban spies. "The reason they use shortwave is because they're not traceable," he explained, noting how the stations broadcast one-use patterns and are capable of moving. Colin from Salt Lake City, Utah, suggested the Number Stations are actually broadcasts from navigational radio beacons used to aid pilots. Mark in Seattle, Washington, told George he was a radio intercept operator in the Army whose job was to listen to Number Station broadcasts. Mark believes the broadcasts provide instructions for military operations and instructions for spies.

News segment guests: Mitch Battros / Jerome Corsi

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